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Victorian Pincushion Pattern Book Pincushions Sew c1900
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I love that which is old & related to needlework & arts/crafts. Especially books, as I feel you can learn virtually anything in life providing you have the interest, drive & a GREAT book to study!


Can anyone say bibliomania? lol


My personal philosophy is that books just don't fail you on any level...


Please join us in the adventure that books provide!

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Payment Shipping Additional Information Victorian Pincushion Pattern Book Pincushions Sew c1900

Weldon's Practical Pincushions - First Series

How to Make Pincushions for Bazaars and Decorative Purposes

Spiral Bound Book Republication™

Originally published c1900!

Why Buy Just One?

Receive a 50% s/h discount on all items in your order after the first purchase, providing all are paid for in a single payment as invoiced!

Up for bid is another marvelous Dakota Prairie Treasures Spiral Bound Book Republication™ of 25 ANTIQUE VICTORIAN PINCUSHION Instructions & PATTERNS! Enclosed in this exciting text (written in true Victorian style!) is a fine variety of styles & variations of various Victorian Pincushions originally published c1900! Lots of pretty and functional pin cushions to give your home and sewing room that AUTHENTIC VICTORIAN TOUCH! (Original is not for sale)

Our new line of Spiral Bound Book Republications™ oh-so-conveniently lie flat while in use!

This is a unbelievably nice touch if you have every tried to read a pattern's instructions while your hands are full of your in progress project. As an avid needleworker myself my personal experience prompted my choice of spiral binding for it's ease-of-use alone. I bet you'll love it too!

Our customers say:

"Lovely item! Great service. A+++"

"Excellent transaction from A to Z, fast, friendly and a great pincushion source"

"Highly recommended - great source for vintage pincushions - fast & save shipping"

"Third vintage pincushion book - real treasures and a marvelous source - TOP :o))"

What a lovely way to show your love for Victoriana or as gifts that will both amaze and please the receiver!

An excerpt:

"There are no fancy knick-knacks that have so pleased the popular taste as have pincushions, and they are to be found in almost every room in every house, besides forming a large proportion of the stock-in-trade of every bazaar stall. Indeed, to such a height has the mania for pincushions rise, that at many bazaars a whole stall is now often devoted solely to the sale of these articles. They range in size from the tiny ones which fit into an acorn cup, to those which measure as much as eight or ten inches across, and form prominent additions to the toilet or work-table.

Perhaps one reason for the popularity of pincushions is due to the fact that many of them may be made without any expense at all of just those odds and ends of materials that are often difficult to turn to good account. Scraps of silk, satin, plush, velvet and brocade, or the less costly, but quite as pretty, art muslins, cretonnes and sateens, may be made useful. So, too, may stray lengths of ribbon, from those of a few inches to as many yards long. Gold thread, beads, spangles, artificial flowers, needlefuls of silk, chenille, pompons, fringe and cord may all be pressed into service."

Our customers say:

"Fabulous service!!, very HAPPY!!!, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!"

23 Victorian Pincushion Instructions and Full-sized Patterns:

Classes of Pincushions

Types of Stuffing and How to Use

Foundation Materials

Pincushion Shapes

Make Do Pincushion Foundations

(vases, jugs, egg-cups, spoons, soap-trays, etc)

Variants of Flatter Pincushions

Variants of Doll Pincushions

Use of Balls

Use of Beads

(patterns, mottos, initials, etc.)

The Coque (Rooster) Pincushion and Penwiper

"This quaint little article will find many admirers, comprising as it does many useful trifles, though made up of odds and ends such as the worker is likely to have at hand..."

The Bow Pincushion

"This very novel pincushion resembles a parge bow, such as is used for trimming hats, the loops of which are stuffed for the reception of the pins. It is not difficult to make, but much of the effect will depend upon the ribbon and the colours chosen."

Hanging Bolster Pincushion

"The chief recommendations of this pincushion are that is easily made, and that it will take long hat-pins as conveniently as it will the ordinary short ones."

The Doll Pincushion

"The taste of the moment is all in favour of the use of dolls for foundations, as it were, for pincushions, and these are often dressed up in fancy costumes, representing many nationalities and grades of society."

Pipe Pincushion

"A couple of briar pipes of the cheapest kind...form the main part of this novel little fancy."

Cream-Jug Pincushion

"As an example of the way in which tiny china ornaments of various kinds may be turned to account as pincushions is shown here a tiny cream-jug, which, with its fellow sugar-basine, make a charming little pair of cushions, one stuffed for holding ordinary pins, the other for hair-pins."

Life-belt Pincushion

"White and gold form one of the prettiest combinations of colour that it is possible to have, and a pincushion in the shape of a life belt, for which these two tints are required, is remarkably effective, and quite easy to make."

The Vase Pincushion

"This vase pincushion is particularly attractive, and would form no inconsiderable addition to a prettily-arranged toilet table."

Key or Diagram Block

"This...shows the shapes for cutting out the...pincushions"

Toilet Pincushion

"This oblong pincushion is of a kind that is strictly useful, and even the gay ribbons that form a lattice across the top in no way interfere with its convenience."

Fan Pincushion

"This a smart pincushion, for to make it properly, gold thread, spangles, and coloured gems, should be freely used."

Star Pincushion

"The fancy for making pincushions in patchwork fashion of a great number of different scraps of silk is a very old one, but the effect is so good of some of these old-fashioned patterns that no excuse is needed for re-introducing them here."

Heart Pincushion

"This is a quaint little pincushion that is very plump in shape, and is liked by many people better than anything more elaborate and fanciful. It is convenient to use, and is therefore to be ranked as one of those pincushions that are appreciated by a gentleman either in his dressing-room, or within easy reach of his writing-table."

Cushion for Hat Pins

"A soft woollen ball such as serves as a plaything for very young children makes an excellent pincushion either for hair-pins or the long glass-headed hat pins."

Ivy Leaf Pincushion

"A pretty little flat pincushion is to be made in the shape of an ivy leaf, and it commends itself to the notice of those who like to have pins at hand in their dressing-cases, desks or bags, as it takes up little room. Nothing can be easier to make, and there are many other leaves that can be used besides the ivy. There are maple, vine, creeper, oak, and shamrock leaves, &ct."

Cluster Pincushion

"A group of three, four, five, or even more, pincushions tied together with many coloured ribbons forms a particularly attractive addition to a bazaar, and will be appreciated all the more by the worker on account of the convenience with which all sorts of small scraps of gay silk, satin, and brocade may be used."

Witch's Hat Pincushion

"The witch's hat is quite a novel shape for a pincushion, and one which, being easily made, is sure to be popular."

Bridal Pincushion

"This novel little pincushion receives its name from the orange blossom which forms the main part of its decoration, the pincushion itself taking the form of an orange in almost its natural size."

Bracelet Pincushion


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