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Ultimate Vocabulary 2015
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Why Ultimate Vocabulary?

Master New Words In Minutes. And Never Forget Them.

If you want to build your vocabulary, memorizing definitions won't cut it. Research proves that you need deeper immersion to remember new words. Scientists call this "depth of processing.' Ultimate Vocabulary uses this proven science to make vocabulary fun, easy, and fast. For every word, you can view 50 examples, images, encyclopedias, visual information, and more. Be confident and amaze others with your communication skills.

The Perfect Words For Your Success. Plus 142,647 More.

With Ultimate Vocabulary, you have a massive database of over 142,647 words at your disposal. But the real power is in the lists. You can make your own lists or use the expert lists. Ultimate Vocabulary contains 193 expert lists created with the input of over 23 world-leading vocabulary gurus. Pick (or make) the right list for your needs. You will immediately boost your vocabulary study into high gear, and easily master powerful communication.

Make Vocabulary Fun And Automatic.

Ultimate Vocabulary is the only vocabulary program to give you scientifically designed games. Simply play the fun and addictive games for a few minutes each day, and in less than a week you'll find yourself using and understanding hundreds of new words automatically. The games work with any words ' including your own custom lists. Now you can have fun and master powerful new words with almost zero effort.

It's Social. And It's Cloud.

Ultimate Vocabulary stores everything in the cloud and all your computers automatically stay in sync. You get unlimited installs on all your Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome machines. Start studying on one computer, and continue right where you left off on the next. You can share your wordlists with friends, work on them in groups, and even share your success on Facebook.

Learn Words While You Work. Without Even Trying.

With Ultimate Vocabulary, you can learn words while you work on your computer, with practically zero effort. Simply enable Word Messenger and continue whatever you were doing. Then, Ultimate Vocabulary will display a message to periodically remind you of words as you work. Scientists call this "spaced repetition' ' and it's been proven to dramatically increase your learning and memory. Building your vocabulary is easier than ever.

We Take You By The Hand And Guide You To A Powerful Vocabulary.

Having the right software technology to improve your vocabulary is a powerful advantage. But it's only the beginning of what Ultimate Vocabulary will do for you. Ultimate Vocabulary uses the latest video technology to give you ultra-personal help. All your instruction comes from your personal trainer in stunning video quality. This helps you to build your vocabulary faster, and shaves months off your learning curve.

Track Your Progress And See Yourself Improving.

Ultimate Vocabulary uses cutting-edge technology to track your progress and personalize your learning. Any time you do anything in Ultimate Vocabulary, we track your activity and use this data to personalize your learning. Not only will you learn faster, you'll also be motivated as you see yourself improving.

Print Thousands of Worksheets, Word Lists, Flash Cards, And More.

With Ultimate Vocabulary you can easily print word lists, worksheets, and flashcards based on any list, even your own wordlists. Just press a button, and Ultimate Vocabulary generates the printouts automatically. Print a copy for yourself or multiple copies to teach classes with zero effort.

Up To 5 Users. Perfect For The Whole Family.

Your Ultimate Vocabulary access includes accounts for up to 5 users and no additional cost. Each user can install Ultimate Vocabulary on multiple computers and has their own individual profile in the cloud. Now the whole family can enjoy the benefits of a powerful vocabulary together.


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