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Tektronix MTM400 MPEG over IP Transport Stream Monitor w/QAM-B Card Cable TV
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Tektronix MTM400 MPEG over IP Transport Stream Monitor w/QAM-B Card Cable TV We gladly ship to most countries! Email us for a Quote

Tektronix MTM400 MPEG Transport Stream Monitor with QAM-B card installed

Includes documentation cd and power cord.+

About the MTM400
The MTM400 is an extended confidence MPEG transport stream monitor for broadcasters and network operators who need a scalable solution to detect signal degradation caused during transmission and distribution, preventing viewers from experiencing loss of signal.

MTM400 MPEG Transport Stream Monitor Features & Benefits

  • Multi layer, multi channel, remote monitoring and measurement at IP, RF, and Transport layers to DVB (TR 101 290), ATSC, DigiCipherII (DCII), and ISDB-T (Terrestrial and Mobile) standards
  • Comprehensive confidence monitoring of video over IP with optional Gigabit Ethernet electrical and optical interfaces, IP Protocol support including UDP, RTP, with IGMP, ARP, and ICMP (Remote ping)
  • Session monitoring support for
  • Discovery of all sessions/flows on the link with RTP/UDP and TS present indicators
  • Session bit rate monitoring
  • IP packet error status of all sessions
  • IP Measurements and alarming, including Total Traffic Bit Rate, Instantaneous TS rate, Errored Packets, Dropped Packets, Out-of-Order Packets, and Packet Inter-Arrival Timing (PIT)
  • Comprehensive confidence monitoring at the RF modulated layer with optional COFDM, 8VSB, Turbo 8PSK, QPSK (L Band), and QAM Interface MER, BER, and Constellation Displays
  • Critical RF Measurements, input amp, and EVM provide early indication of signal degradation before any picture impairment is visible to the end customer without additional costly RF test equipment (MER up to 37 dB typical)
  • MTM400 with IP or RF interface can switch between IP or RF monitoring and transport stream monitoring within the one probe
  • DPI (SCTE-35) Local content insertion monitoring
  • DigiCipherII (DCII) Protocol support
  • User-defined template monitoring option to ensure right content at the right place at the right time while content ratings checking ensures only appropriate content broadcast
  • Remote recording allows capture and analysis of stream events for expert offline analysis to diagnose difficult and intermittent problems, requiring no engineer site visits
  • Scalable, upgradeable monitoring capability provides extended confidence monitoring, where you buy the capability you need when you need it
  • In field upgrades minimizes upgrade time
  • Simple user interface minimizes staff familiarization time

  • Contribution and primary distribution
  • Terrestrial distribution
  • Contribution and primary distribution
  • Cable headend monitoring
  • DTH or network operator satellite uplink monitoring
  • IPTV
  • Edge network monitoring
  • ASI to RF
  • IP to RF (requires two MTM400 Units)
  • IP to ASI

Technical Overview
The MTM400 is a real-time MPEG transport stream monitor. the MTM400 provides a complete solution for transmission monitoring of MPEG transport streams over RF, IP, and TS interfaces.

The MTM400 uses a single transport stream processor platform packaged in a 1 RU rackmount chassis to provide monitoring of a transport stream at data rates up to 155 Mbps*2. The platform is used to provide an extended confidence monitoring product that, with the addition of software options, provides diagnostic monitoring capabilities.

The extended confidence monitor provides the key MPEG tests; this basic level of functionality and low cost enables widespread deployment throughout a transmission network, facilitating rapid fault isolation. The diagnostic monitoring options provide more in-depth analysis of the MPEG transport stream including recording capability, PSI/SI/PSIP/ARIB analysis, and unique user-defined template tests to ensure right content, right place, right time. Deployed at key network nodes, the MTM400 equipped as a diagnostic monitor enables the cause of faults to be pinpointed and solved.

Optional RF confidence monitoring interfaces including Gigabit Ethernet, COFDM, 8VSB, Turbo 8PSK, QPSK (L Band) and QAM are available. RF Interfaces allow the MTM400 to receive RF inputs and display key RF monitoring parameters including MER, BER, and constellation displays before demodulating the signal to provide measurements on the health of the Transport Stream. The Gigabit Ethernet Interface allows monitoring and measurement of key IP parameters including Total Traffic Bit Rate, Instantaneous TS rate, Errored packets, Dropped Packets, and Packet Inter Arrival Timing (PIT).
Flexible and Upgradeable

The MTM400 provides a flexible solution with an upgrade path, including diagnostic monitoring features that enable customers to build a cost-effective monitoring system to suit their individual requirements. Diagnostic capability can be added to the key monitoring points where transport streams are manipulated while extended confidence monitoring probes can be installed throughout the network:

Triggered recording enables problems to be captured and analyzed in greater depth using offline analysis tools such as the Tektronix MPEG Test System Standalone Software*1
PSI/SI/PSIP/ARIB SI Analysis and repetition rate graphing allows broadcasters to determine that the system information is present and correct in the transport stream
Template testing checks a number of key parameters to ensure that the transport stream has been constructed as the broadcaster intended. These parameters include the Transport Stream ID and Network ID, the number of programs in the multiplex, that each program has all of its components (Video, Audio, Data, Teletext, Subtitles) and Conditional Access (CA) status
Bit rate testing determines whether PIDs, programs, services, or user-defined groups of PIDs are within user-definable limits to ensure correct multiplex operation. Tektronix-proprietary PID variability test gives indication of PID bit rate variation to assess effects of statistical multiplexing
In-depth PCR analysis with graphical results views enable timing and jitter measurements to be made to ensure correct operation of the network
Service logging enables verification of service level agreements to ensure that contractual obligations are met
Offline analysis software applications for in-depth deferred time analysis of streams captured using the MTM400 gives Tektronix the most powerful MPEG monitoring diagnostics available in the world today*3

Contribution and Primary Distribution
Digital video contribution and distribution networks carry compressed video from many origination points to multiple delivery points over limited bandwidth links. Delivery of the right content at the right place at the right time is key to efficient network operation and customer satisfaction. Failure to deliver video services at the appropriate Quality of Service (QoS) leads to potential loss of revenue if video content is not delivered per the service level agreement.

MTM400s low cost extended confidence monitoring enables widespread deployment
High bit rate capability, up to 155 Mb/s*2, for monitoring transport streams carried over GbE/ATM/OC3/SDH
Bit rate testing and logging enables bandwidth usage to be monitored and Service Level Agreements to be verified

MPEG Over IP Distribution
Internet Protocol distribution of MPEG-2, MPEG-4/AVC (H.264), and VC1 encoded material is increasing dramatically due to the low cost, and ease of routing of packet based transmission networks. While IP distribution has some clear advantages it also brings its own challenges, particularly in terms of ensuring consistent quality of service. MTM400 with its IP interface option provides MSOs, broadcasters and network operators with the toolset required to monitor and diagnose complex transmission problems seamlessly across an IP to MPEG network.

With dedicated Gigabit Ethernet electrical and pluggable optical Small Format Pluggable (SFP) modules, the IP monitoring option on MTM400 provides all the industry standard interfaces required to connect to IP based MPEG transmission and distribution networks.

Additionally the Gigabit Ethernet interface provides an ASI/SMPTE310M input and output allowing access to a direct de-packetized MPEG stream for analysis and recording. Input source on the Gigabit Ethernet card can be switched between Ethernet Electrical (RJ45), Ethernet Optical (SFP at Multi Mode 850nm, Single mode at 1310nm, Single Mode 1550nm)

Protocols supported include:

User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
Real Time Protocol (RTP)
Internet Protocol (IP)
Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)
Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mbit/s)

With multicast and control support for:
Address resolution Protocol (ARP)
Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP Remote ping)
Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP)

Session monitoring support for:
Discovery of all sessions/flows on the link with RTP/UDP, VLAN and TS present indicators
Session bit rate monitoring
IP packet error status of all sessions

IP packet support includes:
7 transport stream packets per IP Packet
FEC (FEC parsed but not processed)

Measurement and display features include:
(1) Discovery of all sessions/flows on the link with RTP/UDP, VLAN and TS present indicator
(2) Session bit rate monitoring
(3) IP packet error status of all sessions

(1) Static IP header contents
(2) Total bit rate for all Ethernet traffic
(3) Instantaneous TS bit rate for selected IP session
(4) Errored packets
(5) Dropped packets

(1) IP session TS bit rate
(2) Select IP address and port number from a tabular sessions list (Traffic sessions graph)
(3) IP packet interval variation of selected IP session Min Max & Average (trend graph)

Alarms: User-definable thresholds for
(1) errored packets
(2) Dropped packets
(3) IP Packet inter arrival variation.

(1) Line select (optical, electrical rate)
(2) Filters for MAC, IP, Port,
(3) Protocol control for ARP, RTP, IGMP, ICMP (inbound, outbound ping)

RTP support:
(1) Indicate out of order packets
(2) Indicate dropped packets

ASI output smoothing to constant bit rate compensates for bursty traffic. Smoothing may be switched off.

for specifications sheet
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