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Robert K. Hassler Co Fumiscope Model E methyl bromide detector FUMIGATION EQUIPM
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product Wizard 2000 Listing Template - AW2KLOT#:14045Robert K. Hassler Co Fumiscope Model E methyl bromide detector FUMIGATION EQUIPMWe gladly ship to most countries!Email us for a QuoteFUMIGATION EQUIPMENTFumiscope (Model E)Purpose and Principle of OperationThe Fumiscope is a portable instrument which will quantitatively measure the concentration of gases and vapors in air (Figure 3). The instrument is set for methyl bromide and will indicate directly the concentration of methyl bromide in dry air to an accuracy of 5 percent in concentration ranges from 0 to 100 ounces of methyl bromide per 1000 cubic feet of dry air.The Fumiscope uses a thermal conductivity cell to compare the thermal conductivity of a mixture of methyl bromide and dry air to that of pure dry air. This difference is converted into an electric current and is displayed on the meter. The Fumiscope contains a power supply for the operation of the cell and meter which operates on 115V ac. The Fumiscope also contains an electric pump and a gas flow rate meter so that air samples may be drawn through the thermal conductivity cell. The flow rate can be adjusted to a constant value regardless of the length or size of sampling tube by the flow adjust knob. A gas drying tube filled with an indicating dessicant is also included in the gas train for use or when extreme accuracy at low concentrations is required.InstallationThe Fumiscope being a portable instrument, no installation other than a level place to set the instrument and a source of 115 volt ac power is required.ControlsThe Fumiscope is complete in one cabinet and requires no other auxiliary equipment. The various panel controls, etc., are listed:Inlet - This hose connector is the gas inlet for the instrument and the sampling tubes may be connected to it directly or through the drying tube when it is required.Drying TubesThis glass drying tube contains a reversible indicating dessicant (Dririte). When the color of the Dririte is blue it is ready for use. When the color of all the Dririte in the tube becomes pink it is spent and must be regenerated. (See below for instructions and notes on use of drying tube.) The drying tube, when used is inserted in the gas sampling line between the sampling tube and the inlet connection. Indicating "Dririte" is made by the W. A. Hammon Dririte Company, Xenia. Ohio and is available from laboratory supply houses. Other drying agents may be used but some of them will absorb the methyl bromide as well as the moisture and thus will not give true readings. Silica gel as a drying agent should not be used for this reason.Flow Rate Meter - This indicates the gas flow rate in cubic feet per hour and serves to indicate the flow of gas through the instrument so that it can be held constant regardless of minor flow resistances in the supply tuba. A flow rate of l cubic foot/hour is standard for this instrument.If the meter pointer seems to be unstable and tend to wander over a short time period (seconds) the flow rate may be reduced below the 1 SCFH level for zeroing and measuring and then increased again to purge the sample lines.Flow Rate AdjustmentThis knob controls the flow rate by adjusting the pump. The flow rate may be increased by fuming the knob counterclockwise. If this knob is turned too far CCW the pump will cease to operate properly and a great deal of noise will result. If the pump ceases to operate properly turn the knob all the way clockwise and then back it off to obtain the proper flow. If this does not comet the problem the pump may be clogged with dirt or some of the internal tube connections may have come loose.MeterThe sensitive meter indicates the concentration of methyl bromide in air. Due to the resistance of the measuring circuit the meter movement is highly damped and will frequently require slight tapping of the plastic cover to secure the proper reading.Zero Adjustment KnobThe meter needle may be brought to zero as a pure air sample is being drawn through the instrument.Line Switches Separate line switches on both the pump and meter have been provided so that either may be operated separately as the occasion demands.FuseThe fuse is in the 115V ac. Replacement fuses are Little Fuse or Buss No. 3AG-1 /2 amp.ExhaustA tube connection is provided at the top of the flow meter so that the exhaust gas from the instrument may be disposed of when the instrument is used in confined spaces. As the gas is exhausted at only l to 2 cubic feet per hour connections to this outlet should not be necessary in reasonably well ventilated areas.OperationBoth line switches are turned on. After a warm-up period of 5 minutes, (15 minutes, if drying tubes are used), with the gas flow rate adjusted to 1 cubic foot per hour, the meter needle is set on zero. Several further adjustments within a few minutes may be necessary to secure a stable zero reading (especially when a drying tube is used). The instrument is now standardized and ready to measure the gas concentration when it is admitted to the area under fumigation.Connect each sample tube from the area under fumigation in succession and mark the maximum reading obtained. Check the zero setting between each sample reading by letting the pump draw ambient air the cell so as to make the pointer come back to zero. If the pointer does not come back to zero after a minute or so reset it to zero before taking the next sample reading and add or subtract the small difference from zero that existed from the previous sample reading. Frequently the zero setting will not have to be changed between sample readings.Further zero adjustments should not be necessary if the drying tube is used, and should not be necessary without it if there is not a great change in humidity in the area under fumigation, with respect to the humidity of the ambient air used to zero the meter.After the instrument has been used to measure methyl bromide concentrations the gas system should be purged of all residual methyl bromide by allowing the pump to draw clean air through the instrument for several minutes.Maintenance of FumiscopeDrying TubesIf the drying tubes are to be used they must be changed as frequently as all of the dessicant becomes spent, (turns from blue to pink) as a spent drying tube is worse than none at all. When these tubes are refilled with fresh Dririte, that which is emptied should be saved in a bottle and regenerated when convenient. This will result in considerable saving of Dririte. Dririte is recommended since some of the other dessicants that are available will absorb methyl bromide as well as moisture and thus contribute to erratic readings.Regeneration of DriritePlace spent Dririte in a shallow dish or pan and heat in an oven to 300 to 400oF for 20 or 30 minutes and return to bottle containing fresh Dririte while still slightly warm. The Dririte may be dried while still in the tubes in the oven at the lower temperature for 30 to 40 minutes (remove rubber stoppers). The drying tubes should be kept closed when not in use.Don't forget to place your buy. By looking on this product you agree to the following terms:Shipping Terms:Buyer pays all shipping costs.Let us know if there is an issue with the shipping costs, as they are automatically calculated by Atomic Mall.Shipments made to California must include 8.75% sales tax unless we are provided with a valid resale certificate.We reserve the right to ship with Fedex ground, USPS and any other carrier in the best interests of the buyer and seller.The Parcel post option shown is only available to alaska, Hawaii, and US territories only. If you select parcel post and you live in the lower 48 states you package may be sent by another carrier and/or an additional shipping amount may be required.Payment Terms:Payment is to be made by PayPalPlease contact us if you have any questions about Atomic Mall's recent payment policy change.Payment is to be received within ten days of close of product.Should payment not be received within ten days the item will be re-listed and high buyder will forfeit.No personal checks will be accepted.International Terms: (These terms only apply to international shipments.)Buyer is responsible for all brokerage, customs, and or duty charges.Not all items are available for international shipment due to import/export regulations. In the event that we are unable to ship to buyers country, buyer will receive a full refund.Payment must be made in US Dollars. Money must be drawn against a US bank. 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