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Dr. OZ Recommended for APPETITE CONTROL - PURE SAFFRON EXTRACT 88.5mg - 6 Month Suppl
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Dr. OZ Recommended for APPETITE CONTROL - PURE SAFFRON EXTRACT 88.5mg - 6 Month Supply! FREE SHIPPING!

#1 Seller on Atomic Mall --- Buy here with confidence!


- 100% Made in USA in our FDA registered facility
- Six Bottles (2 capsules per day) 60 capsules (88.5mg). 6 month supply.
- .10% Safranal Extract

Product Details:

Saffron extract is one of the most powerful natural supplements you can choose to help ensure a successful weight loss plan for yourself or your loved ones. Featured on a recent episode of the critically acclaimed health program "The Dr. Oz Show,' saffron extract was recommended highly by the doctor himself to his national audience. Why? Saffron extract is one of the most powerful natural supplements you can take if you suffer from consistent cravings and hunger pangs that contribute to overeating. Saffron itself is completely natural and saffron extract is a potent, concentrated form of this plant. It provides incredible anti-hunger effects.

Saffron extract has been used for thousands of years as part of holistic remedies in a variety of cultures. Ancient alchemists and healers were able to derive a primitive form of saffron extract in places including Persia and elsewhere. Although the compound created by these non-scientific healers was relatively primitive, it still had many wonderful effects. These included stress relief and mood elevation. With current medical science, it is possible to create a much higher quality of saffron extract that promises additional benefits. One of the most notable benefits of saffron extract comes from its ability to curb food cravings at any hour of the day or night.

Benefits Of Saffron Extract:

' Saffron has been showing to reduce snack between meals safety and effectively.
' Health experts believe the benefits of saffron extract are due to reducing the levels of serotonin in the body.
' Saffron extract manages weight control from the root of the problem, sending a neurotransmitter signal to stop compulsive eating.
' During clinical trials, saffron extracts has shown to manage depressive behavior with constant improvement.
' Saffron is often use by women during menopause to control mood swings and depressive behavior, when women are more prone to eating.

Common Uses for Saffron:

When used medicinally, saffron is said to help treat or prevent the following health problems:

* Alzheimer's disease * depression
* asthma * heartburn
* atherosclerosis * insomnia
* cough * pain
* premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

How Does Saffron Extract Work?

Dr. Oz demonstrated how carbohydrates, when introduced to the tongue, suddenly send strong impulses to the brain which then actually trigger it to release all sorts of feel-good chemicals. This trigger and release explains the effect ordinary potato chips can have on our moods. It's a cycle. We eat the chips, our brain downloads swarms of feel-good chemicals, we enjoy the feelings, and we automatically ingest some more. Who really wants to stop feeling good?

That compulsion to keep feeling good is called craving. Pure saffron extract select triggers the brain to release those good feeling chemicals, like seratonin, to stop the cravings. Studies show that low amounts of seratonin lead to anxiety and depression, two sure reasons to bolt to the buffet. When seratonin and those other feel-good chemicals are released, they tell our bodies, "I'm satisfied.' As Dr. Oz said, saffron is "a miracle appetite suppressant.' It apparently accomplishes this by squelching all the negative compulsions to overeat. Satisfied and satiated, there is no need to overeat.

~~~~ Dr. OZ Recommended Weight Loss Supplement ~~~~

Dr Oz did a show on Belly Blasting Supplements, but how do you keep yourself from putting on weight around your midsection to begin with? If you feel hungry all the time, there's hope for you! On today's show, Dr Oz told you about saffron extract, the miracle appetite suppressant to kill your hunger. Saffron extract gives you the ability to say no to all those favorite goodies without the struggle. Surprisingly, Doctor Oz admitted to never even hearing of this product.

You've had a tough day and feel overwhelmed? Dr Oz said Saffron Extract suppresses your appetite. You immediately reach for food and begin emotional eating, which packs on the pounds. Emotional eating stems from low levels of serotonin, which also triggers depression and anxiety.

Item Condition: 100% Brand New and Sealed Bottle
No. of Pills/Capsules per Bottle: 60
No. of Bottles: 6 = 6 month supply
Pure Saffron Extract

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