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76 Rare Maps of Native American Indian United States Territories CD - B29
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The Historical Archive Sample Page 76 Rare and Fascinating
Historical Maps Relating to the
American Indian and Indian Territories

This CD contains 76 rare antique maps of Indian Related Maps in MrSid format. This format allows you to see the entire map on your computer screen or drill down to see the smallest details. The original maps are often quite large, as much as 36" long or larger and quite detailed. With the MrSID software, you can manipulate the map to print the entire map in great detail or zoom into a portion of the map in full detail for viewing or printing. You could even bring the images to a local print shop to have the maps reprinted in their full size. (MrSID software is included on the CD.)

To give you a sample of the detail you can expect in these maps, here is an example based on a panoramic map of Washington, DC.

The table below shows the and a small image of each map on this incredible history CD.

Premier series map of Oklahoma and Indian Territory. . Geographical Publishing Co. CREATED/PUBLISHED S.l. , 1905. NOTES "Indian nations and Indian, forest, grazing, saline, and wood reservations shown by red boundaries." Includes indexes. Indian territory: compiled under the direction of the Hon. John H. Oberly, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, by C.A. Maxwell. . CREATED/PUBLISHED S.l. , 1889. SUMMARY Shows the lands occupied by various tribes and includes details about land transfers and cessions. Map of the Spokane Indian Reservation, Stevens County, Washington. . Manning, W. M. CREATED/PUBLISHED S.l. , 1910. Indian Reservations west of the Mississippi River. . United States. Office of Indian Affairs. CREATED/PUBLISHED S.l. : s.n. , 1923. Indian territory: compiled from the official records of the records of the General Land Office and other sources under supervision of Geo. U. Mayo. . CREATED/PUBLISHED S.l. , 1887. NOTES From the papers of President Benjamin Harrison. DLC SUMMARY This map contains extensive cultural detail relating to the reservations composing Indian Territory. It has also been annotated to illustrate the boundaries of the formation of Oklahoma Territory within the Indian Territory. Map of the former territorial limits of the Cherokee "Nation of" Indians . Royce, C. C. CREATED/PUBLISHED S.l. , 1884. Map showing the territory originally assigned Cherokee "Nation of" Indians. . Royce, C. C. CREATED/PUBLISHED S.l. , 1884. Map of the Indian tribes of North America, about 1600 A.D. along the Atlantic, & about 1800 A.D. westwardly . published by the Amer. Antiq. Soc. from a drawing by Hon. A. Gallatin. Gallatin, Albert, 1761-1849. CREATED/PUBLISHED Washington, D.C. : The Society, 1836 NOTES Relief shown pictorially. Hand colored to show the location of Indian tribes and 11 linguistic families. Copy of a sketch of the Monongahela, with the field of battle, done by an Indian. . CREATED/PUBLISHED 1755? NOTES Scale not given. Manuscript, pen-and-ink and pencil. Relief shown by hachures. In this map the name Ohio R. ou la belle rivi re is applied also to the Allegheny. The words "direction of" have been inserted in pencil between "By" and "an Indian." Map of the Indian and Oklahoma territories. . CREATED/PUBLISHED S.l. , 1892. Map showing the lands assigned to emigrant Indians west of Arkansas and Missouri. . United States. Topographical Bureau. CREATED/PUBLISHED S.l. , 1836. Map of linguistic stocks of American Indians. . CREATED/PUBLISHED S.l. , 1890. NOTES From: Annual report of Bureau of Ethnology, v. 7, by J.W. Powell. Map of the Indian and Oklahoma territories, 1894 . compiled from the official records of the General Land Office and other sources. Rand McNally and Company. CREATED/PUBLISHED Chicago, 1894, c1884. NOTES Scale 1:760,320. A map of the north west parts of America . with the utmost respect, inscrib'd to His Excellency, Sir Guy Carleton, Knight of the Bath: Captain General and Governor of the province of Quebec: General and Commander in Chief of His Majesty's forces in the said province, and frontiers thereof. &c. &c. &c., by his most obedient humble servt. Alexr. Henry. Henry, Alexander, 1739-1824. CREATED/PUBLISHED 1776? NOTES Scale ca. 1:2,000,000. Manuscript, pen-and-ink and watercolor. Annotated with names and descriptive notes and letterpress. Shows Indian tribes of western Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. Plan of part of western front. . CREATED/PUBLISHED 1778? NOTES Scale ca. 1:600,000. Shows northern Pennsylvania and western New York, detailed mapping showing numerous forts, Indian villages, and trails, is restricted to the Susquehanna Valley north of Sunbury Town. A plan of part of the rivers Tombecbe, Alabama, Tensa, Perdido, & Scambia in the province of West Florida . with a sketch of the boundary between the nation of upper Creek Indians and that part of the province which is contigious thereto, as settled at the congresses at Pensacola in the years 1765 & 1771. Collected from different surveys at the desire of the Honble John Stuart, Esquire, sole agent and superintendant of Indian Affairs for the southern district of North America. By David Taitt. Taitt, David. CREATED/PUBLISHED 1771? NOTES Scale ca. 1:126,720. Relief shown pictorially. Cadastral map. Includes descriptive index and notes. A plan of the lands in New London sequestred for the sole use and improvement of the Mohegan Indian tribe . survey'd and measured the 7th, 8th & 9th of Septr. 1736 and protracted by the above scale of 60 pts. to an inch by me, Humphry Avery, survr, for the county of New London. Avery, Humphry. CREATED/PUBLISHED 1736. NOTES Cadastral map. Covers northeastern portion of town of Montville, Connecticut. Signed at lower right: Humphry Avery, survr. for the county of New London. Includes notes and text. Map of the United States and territories showing the extent of public surveys, Indian and military reservations, land grant R.R.; rail roads, canals, and other details . compiled from the official surveys of the General Land Office and other authentic sources. United States. General Land Office. CREATED/PUBLISHED Washington? 1873. NOTES Scale ca. 1:2,500,000. Relief shown by hachures. Inset: Territory of Alaska. SUMMARY Detailed map of the continental United States showing drainage, state boundaries, cities and towns, canals, land grant railroads, completed railroads, railroads in progress of completion, and projected lines. Major lines are named along their routes. Indian and military reservation are shown; land offices and lighthouses are also indicated. An Indian map of the Upper-Missouri. . CREATED/PUBLISHED 1801. The Mississippi . Franquelin, Jean Baptiste Louis. CREATED/PUBLISHED ca. 1682 NOTES Relief shown pictorially. Shows trees, animals, and names of the Indian nations. "This is the copy of a sketch of the Mississippi River and country, contained in a manuscript map ... has the following title Carte g nerale de la France septentrionale, contenant dans la d'ecouverte du pays des Ilinois ... made by the Sieur Jolliet ... our present map ... is one of the first French maps of the Mississippi River ever made, if not the very first one itself." Includes a discussion of the origin, significance, and contents of the map. A general map of the middle British colonies in America . viz. Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pensilvania, New-Jersey, New York, Connecticut & Rhode-Island: Of Aquanishuonigy the country of the confederate Indians comprehending Aquanishuonigy proper, their places of residence, Ohio & Thuchsochruntie their deer hunting countries, Couchsachrage & Skaniadarade their beaver hunting countries, of the Lakes Erie, Ontario and Champlain. Wherein is also shewn the antient & present seats of the Indian nations. Evans, Lewis, 1700?-1756. CREATED/PUBLISHED London, Printed for Carington Bowles, 1771. NOTES Scale ca. 1:2,250,000. Colton's new map of the state of Texas . the Indian Territory and adjoining portions of New Mexico, Louisiana, and Arkansas / compiled from the official county maps of the General Land Office, the personal reconnaisances and geological explorations of Prof. A.R. Roessler, the surveys of the Mexican Boundary Commission, U.S. Coast Surveys, U.S. General Land Office, the various Rail Road Cos., information furnished by Mr. Pressler, and other authentic materials by G. Woolworth Colton. Colton, G. Woolworth (George Woolworth), 1827-1901. CREATED/PUBLISHED New York : G.W & C.B. Colton & Co., 1872. NOTES Relief shown by hachures. "Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1872 by G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co. in the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington." Prime meridians: Washington and Greenwich. Insets: New Mexico -- Public Lands -- Indian Territory -- Missouri -- Louisiana. List showing population of Texas by counties in 1870. Mapa del Golfo y costa de la Nueva Espa a : desde el R o de Panuco hasta el cabo de Santa Elena . Santa Cruz, Alonso de, 1505-1567. CREATED/PUBLISHED 1572? NOTES Relief shown pictorially. Shows the coast from the vicinity of the Cape Fear River in North Carolina of the United States, location of Indian settlements, and lakes and rivers in the region to the P nuco River in Mexico; the interior is as far north as the latitude of the Tennessee River. Map of the territory of the United States from the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean . ordered by Jeff'n Davis, Secretary of War to accompany the reports of the explorations for a railroad route. Compiled from authorized explorations and other reliable data by G. K. Warren ... under the direction of W. H. Emory in 1854 and of A. A. Humphreys 1854-5-6-7. Engr. by Selmar Siebert. Warren, Gouverneur Kemble, 1830-1882. CREATED/PUBLISHED Washington, D.C., War Dept., 1858? NOTES Scale 1:3,000,000. Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Shows Indian tribal locations, military posts, routes and dates of expeditions and surveys. North America. . CREATED/PUBLISHED n.p., 175-? NOTES Scale ca. 1:50,000,000. Relief shown pictorially. "Degs. west from London." Shows colonies, a few cities and towns, and Indian tribal territory. Ardmore, Indian Territory, 1891. . Drawn by T. M. Fowler. Fowler, T. M. (Thaddeus Mortimer), 1842-1922. CREATED/PUBLISHED Morrisville, Pa., T. M. Fowler & James B. Moyer 1891 NOTES Perspective map not drawn to scale. Bird's-eye-view. Indexed for points of interest. Carte de l'Am rique septentrionale, 1754. . Palairet, Jean, 1697-1774. CREATED/PUBLISHED Londres, 1755 NOTES Scale ca. 1:15,000,000. Shows boundaries, some cities and towns, forts, and Indian tribal territory. An Accurate map of North America from the latest discoveries. . CREATED/PUBLISHED n.p., 175-? NOTES Scale ca. 1:50,000,000. Relief shown pictorially. Shows "Degrees west from London." Also shows colonies, a few cities and towns, and Indian tribal territory. Map of Nebraska published by the Burlington Route 1886, . compiled from the official records of the government and rail road offices. Hirschfield, F. CREATED/PUBLISHED Omaha, 1886. NOTES Scale 1:760,320. SUMMARY Township and county map showing drainage, cities and towns, Indian and military reservations, land districts, and the railroad network with names along the lines. Ticonderoga as it was in 1759. . CREATED/PUBLISHED 1759? NOTES Scale ca. 1:84,000. Includes index to military activities. Indexed county and township pocket map and shippers guide of Nevada . accompanied by a new and origianl compilation and ready reference index, showing in detail the entire railroad network. Rand McNally and Company. CREATED/PUBLISHED Chicago, 1893. NOTES Scale ca. 1:750,000. SUMMARY Shows relief by hachures, drainage, counties, township lines, Indian reservations, roads, and railroads with names. Indexed county and township pocket map and shippers guide of South Dakota. . Rand McNally and Company. CREATED/PUBLISHED Chicago, 1892. NOTES Scale ca. 1:1,150,000. SUMMARY Shows relief by hachures, drainage, counties, township lines, cities and towns, Indian and military reservations, area "opened for settlement by treaty of 1889," and the railroad network with named lines. A map of the United States of America, as settled by the peace of 1783. . Fielding, I. CREATED/PUBLISHED London, Decr. 1, 1783. NOTES Covers the area east of the Mississippi River from Canada to Florida. Shows boundaries, major towns and cities, forts Indian villages and tribal territory, rivers, and relief. Carta geografica dell' America settentrionale. . L'Isle, Guillaume de, 1675-1726. CREATED/PUBLISHED Venezia, 1750 NOTES Scale ca. 1:26,000,000. Relief shown pictorially. Covers area including North America, Central America and the Caribbean Islands. Shows boundaries, cities and towns, forts, some trails, routes of exploration, and Indian villages and tribal territory. Bend of the Missouri River . CREATED/PUBLISHED 1798 NOTES Pen-and-ink. Annotated in pencil: Bend of the Missouri, Long. 101 25"-Lat. 47 32" by Mr. Thomson, astronmer to the N.W. Company in 1798. Gives number of warriors, houses and tents of six Mandan and Pawnee Indian villages in the vicinity of the junction of the Missouri and Knife Rivers. A map of the United States of America agreeable to the peace of 1783. . Darton, William, 1755-1819. CREATED/PUBLISHED London, 1783 NOTES Scale ca. 1:6,300,000. Shows provincial boundaries, Indian villages and tribal territory, rivers and lakes, a few forts and place-names. Colton's township map of Oregon & Washington Territory . issued by the Oregon Railway and Navigation Co. G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co. CREATED/PUBLISHED New York, c1880. NOTES Scale ca. 1:1,000,000. SUMMARY Shows relief by hachures, drainage, cities and towns, township and county boundaries, Indian reservations, ocean routes, and railroads with emphasis on the main lines. Plan of Fort William Henry and camp at Lake George. W. Eyre, engr. I. Heath dt. . Heath, Joseph. CREATED/PUBLISHED 1755? NOTES Scale ca. 1:4,800. Includes descriptive index to military positions. Sectional map of the state of North Dakota . published by authority of the commissioners of railroads under the direction of the governor; drawn and compiled from official maps of the General Land Office and other authentic sources. Higbee, E. F. CREATED/PUBLISHED n.p. , 1892. NOTES Scale 1:443,520. SUMMARY T  

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