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Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Tissue Roll Kit Project Fun Easy 100% Edibleb Sale!
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Forest Organics is the home of the coolest and most unique mushroom growing kits on the web. We love to create and sell fun, easy, and educational mushroom growing kits for the whole family to enjoy. If your a newbie just getting started in growing mushrooms, or you consider yourself the Indiana Jones of the mushroom world we have all the supplies you need to grow mushrooms for fun or profit.
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Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

Oyster Mushroom Growing Kits The science projects you can eat!

The family that hallucinates together stays together. If you're an intrepid mushroom forager, a home cook who likes to grow their own herb garden, or a family who wants to work on a cool food project together this could be for you. There simple kits that, with minimal effort, grows batches of edible not psychedelic mushrooms right in your own home.

The first harvest happens in a few weeks and, if tended well, repeats itself every couple weeks. Each kit comes with instructions and everything you need to grow several batches of tasty mushrooms. No green thumb needed. In fact, a brown one might be better. As the saying goes, give a man a mushroom and he'll eat for a day. Teach him to grow his own in a closet in his house and he'll eat for a lifetime.

These kit's will allow you to observe the mushroom life-cycle in action - first hand. You will see why mushrooms are the premier recyclers on the planet as you watch them consume the paper roll, Straw, cardboard or books right at home on your counter top. Since mushrooms can decompose anything organic, you will be amazed as your oyster mushrooms begin to emerge and grow right before your eyes. The best part is that these delicious fungi will be ready to eat in a few short weeks and will continue to "fruit" for many months. You can expect about five "flushes" (harvests) per kit. Each flush yields nearly a pound of mushrooms.

Pink oyster mushrooms are named for their vibrant pink color. The scientific name for this tropical mushroom is Pleurotus djamor. They are classified under the group Agaricales, like the more common button and other gilled mushrooms. They are also known as Salmon oyster mushrooms. The oyster-shaped Pink Flamingo mushrooms grow in clusters like their Blue and yellow relatives. Their color is intensely pink when raw and changes to an orange brown color when cooked. The mushroom s caps are roughly two to 5 centimeters in size and are meaty in texture, despite their thin flesh. Pink Flamingo oyster mushrooms taste like bacon or ham and their flavor intensifies when cooked. Undercooked or raw Pink Flamingo oysters have a sour taste. The aroma is pungent, which is very characteristic of the oyster mushroom


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