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Panellus Stipticus Glow in the dark Mushroom MYA Live Culture Petri Dish
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Forest Organics is the home of the coolest and most unique mushroom growing kits on the web. We love to create and sell fun, easy, and educational mushroom growing kits for the whole family to enjoy. If your a newbie just getting started in growing mushrooms, or you consider yourself the Indiana Jones of the mushroom world we have all the supplies you need to grow mushrooms for fun or profit.
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Glow-in-the-Dark Mushroom

Panellus Stipticus

Live Mycelium Petri Dish

We now offer Panellus stipticus the glow in the dark mushroom in Petri Dish

Make your own plug spawn. grain spawn with this MYA Petri Dish


Cultivation Difficulty: Moderate
Type: Novelty
Substrate: variety of woods , grain, and agar formulas
Colonization/Fruiting Temperatures: 65-80F/60-75F
Available In: in petri dish*

The mushroom that glows in the dark! After working with several species of bioluminescent fungi, we have selected Panellus stipticus for ease of cultivation and reliable glowing effects. The mycelium gives off relatively low levels of greenish light and is only visible in complete darkness after about 5 minutes of allowing your eyes to adjust. The cultures do not glow early in their growth and may take several weeks to begin producing visible amounts of light. The glow is dependent on available oxygen and dramatic and sudden increases in brightness can be achieved when cultures are exposed to the open air. The primordia, pins and mushrooms themselves glow very brightly and can be easily observed in less than complete darkness.

In nature, this mushroom is found growing on logs and is shaped somewhat like a small leathery oyster mushroom.

The cultures are sold as a novelty only and do not produce edible or internally medicinal mushrooms. but it was reportedly used at one time externally to staunch bleeding.

The mycelium from this master culture can be used and expanded into grain, wood plugs which can be grown on a wide variety of wood, grains and agar formulas under a wide range of temperatures.

Culture supplied as living mycelium grown on sterile MYA media in a petri dish and can be stored under refrigeration for several months.

NOTE: We do not offer liquid culture, we feel its a rip off for the consumer due to its high likely hood for contamination

Coming Soon!

The Mushroom That Eats Plastic!!

Pestalotiopsis microspore


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