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Olive Tree 30 Seeds Bonsai Olea europaea var. zuri Houseplant+arid areas
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Bonsai Olive Seeds Are There Any Special Seeds That Can Make a Beautiful Bonsai? you get 30 fresh seeds for indoors or outdoors.

Bonsai seeds is a misleading phrase.

Once initiated into the art of Bonsai, it would be very difficult to keep yourself off from experimenting with different species. And that is when your search would begin to find ways to get new species.

This is possible by various means the foremost of them being getting your bonsai tree from an already existing tree, by using methods such as grafting, air layering or cutting. The other more easier method being purchasing seeds for your Bonsai collection.

There are no special seeds that will grow into bonsai plants. You have to subject the seeds to bonsai culture to get the miniature gems.


The olive tree is mentioned right through the Old Testament and was an early source of food, light, hygiene and healing during Biblical times.
The olive tree prefers a temperate climate with warm summers and cool winters. It tends to hibernate each winter before flowering and producing fruit in the warmer months.
Olives trees can be planted in large tubs and 20 years later, they should still be growing and producing fruit, providing they are looked after with water and occasional fertiliser. If you are trying to create a Mediterranean look, place a couple of half wine barrels planted with an olive tree near the swimming pool.
The trees produce small, white, fragrant flowers, which form in clusters on a single stem and only a few olives develop on each flowering stem regardless of the number of flowers. The olives are picked when green or after they have started to turn black. In addition to being used for pickling, they are a very important oil crop.

HERE ARE A FEW SUGGESTIONS YOU MIGHT LIKE TO TRY. Photo on left of an Olive tree topiary growing in a pot.

Olive trees can be pruned and shaped into Bonsai or Topiary and can be espaliered onto fences and trellis.

Young seedling olive plants can often be found growing under old olive trees and they can easily be turned into Bonsai.
For more information to see our fact sheets on Bonsai.

Olives trees prefer a neutral to a slightly alkaline soil, and are tolerant of mild saline conditions ;- they will also endure a wide range of environments. They will grow in hilly and rocky territories where other crops will not readily survive. Olive trees object to very heavy clay soils which are constantly wet.

Young olive trees need to be staked, due to their early wispy type growth. The stakes should be strong enough to support the tree until the support roots have developed strongly enough to hold the tree in place. Fasten the main trunk to the stake loosely so that it can manoeuvre easily in the wind - this will help encourage stronger root development in the tree's early growing stage.

The trees need a good amount of water during the winter season to push the olive tree into vigorous growth for spring flowering and prolific fruit set. When the fruit has set, give an additional watering to help achieve a good fruit size and high oil content.
Trees that are growing in tubs or pots need to be watered like a normal pot plant, but not as often.

A dressing of well rotted manure ( Cow Manure ) worked in autumn after the fruit has been harvested will conserve moisture in the soil and add nutrient.
REMEMBER Cow manure that is too fresh will burn the roots.

This should be conducted after the fruit is harvested in the Autumn. If you are not sure how to prune your trees, then you should be limited to removing dead branches, and keeping ample light to the centre of the tree.
The correct pruning procedure is important for the olive tree. Pruning adjusts production and shapes the tree for easier harvest. The trees can tolerate radical clipping, so it is comparatively easy to control the trees at a desired height. The difficulty of alternate bearing can be avoided with cautious pruning every year. Keep in mind that olive trees never bear fruit in the same place twice, and the trees will usually bear on the previous year's growth. To create a single tree trunk, prune any suckers and branches growing underneath the position where you wish the branch crown to form.

The small, fragrant flowers are cream-coloured, grow on a long stem arising from the leaf axils and are mainly camouflaged by the evergreen foliage. The olive tree produces two kinds of flowers:- a perfect flower containing both male and female parts, and a staminate flower with stamens only. The flowers are mainly wind pollinated and most of the olive varieties are self-pollinating, although fruit set is normally improved by cross pollination with other varieties. There are self-incompatible varieties that do not set fruit without another variety nearby, and there are varieties that are incompatible with certain species. Incompatibility can sometimes occur because of environmental conditions, for example, high temperatures.

Germination Instructions

Things You'll Need
  • Olive pits (olive tree seeds)
  • Large pot
  • Sandy, fast-draining soil
  • Compost


  • 1

    Place a thin layer of compost in shallow vessel of some kind and place the olive tree seeds on top of the compost. After the seeds are placed, moisten the entire mixture well with a spray bottle.

  • 2

    Keep the mixture damp, but not soaking wet, and in a warm place that receives plenty of sunshine. Germination may take up to several weeks, but just remain patient and keep the conditions optimal for germination by maintaining constant watering and steady warm temperatures.

  • 3

    Transplant the seeds, as soon as they've germinated (begun to sprout), into a pot that is filled with sandy, quick-draining soil. An optimal soil preparation is to mix 1 part of normal potting soil with 3 parts of cactus potting soil. Adding some additional sand to the mixture will help, but extra sand should make up no more than 5 percent or so of the final soil.

  • 4

    Water the seedling well and place it in a warm, sunny area. During this initial stage, it's best to continue growing the olive tree indoors, in order to protect it, even if warm conditions exist outdoors as well.

  • 5

    Prune the lower leaves off of the olive tree as it begins to grow, encouraging upward growth and its development into a tree instead of a shrub.

  • 6

    Water your olive tree only after the soil in the pot feels dry to the touch. Make sure it stays warms and has good access to sunlight.

  • General Information > Olive Varieties and Their Enhancement

    Prof. Shimon Lavie

    Edible Olive Varieties



    Zuri is the main variety in Israel, cultivated mainly in the Galilee area.
    This variety can be cultivated in arid areas and in shallow soil, but has a relatively low yield and is sensitive to Peacocks Eye (?) disease. The oil has a rich aroma and taste but has low preservation capacity. It is difficult to extract quality oil from this variety because of its high level of acidity.


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