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Nutty UK Comics Collection
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Nutty was a British comic that ran for 292 issues from 16 February 1980 to 14 September 1985, when it merged with The Dandy. Published by D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd, Nutty was an attempt to create a more lively and chaotic comic compared to many on sale at the time. Its strips included:

    Bananaman' as its main strip and by far its most popular. Drawn by John Geering, it survived The Dandys merger and eventual closure, moving to The Beano.

    Big 'n Bud was a double-act style comic strip: they used make observations of various scenarios, and accordingly make jokes based upon what they observed. They were in the very first edition.

    Blubba and the Bear, an Eskimo in conflict with a polar bear trying to steal his fish, who later appeared in the Dandy as reprints from number 3408 but ended when the Dandy Xtreme started.

    Cannonball Kid, "He's Football Crazy", similar to a Beano strip called Ball Boy, later reprinted as The Dandy's Owen Goal.

    Cuddles, a naughty baby. Drawn by Barrie Appleby and later moved to Hoot before joining Dimples in The Dandy.

    Dick Turban, Desert Highwayman, a boy desert raider who rode a camel

    Doodlebug, a slightly surreal tale of a bug in a comic-book world who could draw and remove things with a magic pencil. The other inhabitants of this world were also bugs, with their names reflecting their personality. Humbug, for instance was of a miserable disposition. Bedbug was portrayed as a sleepy character, often seen in bed or at least in bedclothes. These characters often reappeared, but it wasn't always the same character that had been seen previously. Drawn by Gordon Bell

    Ethel Red, a Viking girl

    General Jumbo new series of the former The Beano character, drawn by Sandy Calder

    Horace Cope, a boy of the same name who enlisted help from his grandmother, Madame Zsa Zsa, an astrologer

    Jay R. Hood, "He's Anything But Good", a junior version of J. R. Ewing. Drawn by George Martin

    Micro Dot, a girl who consulted her BBC Micro for advice. Drawn by Gordon Bell

    Mitey Joe, about a small boy and his wish to be taller. Drawn by John Geering

    Nip and Rrip, a boy with a violent cat that bore a remarkable similarity to Gnasher. Drawn by George Martin

    Peter Pest, a boy who constantly interrupted his sister's attempt to be alone with her boyfriends. Survived Dandy merger

    Pig Tales, a family of pigs, similar to a Beano strip "The Three Bears"

    Ron Brown's Schooldays, the adventures of a group of schoolchildren. The title was a play on Tom Brown's Schooldays

    Samuel Creeps, a school swot who outwitted bullies

    Scoopy, "The Runaround Hound With a Nose For News", a dog journalist. Drawn by Gordon Bell

    The Snobbs and the Slobbs, a rich-family-versus-poor-family strip. Drawn by John Geering; survived Dandy merger

    Snoozer, similar to Whizzer and Chips' Lazy Bones at the time, this strip concerned a boy who kept falling asleep. Drawn by Gordon Bell

    Stevie Starr, a young television star who was seen making, or starring in, a different show each week. Also appeared in Topper.

    Whoops-A-Daisy, a mischievous girl. Drawn by Barry Appleby

    The Wild Rovers, a group of dogs who had comedy adventures

Complete Collection.


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