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Metal form, metal forge, metal work, metallurgy, alloys, foundry 147 books DVD
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Metal forging, founding, forming,

metallurgy and smelting books

-147 vintage books on DVD

Now YOU can learn about all aspects of forging, forming and smelting metal from the comfort of your own home with this amazing collection of 147 books on DVD.

This EBook collection includes 100's of pages of information and diagrams and illustrations. The Ebooks are high quality copies of the original books from the early 18th and 19th centuries.

Just look at what you get in this great collection:

  • Iron, Steel, And Other Alloys (1906) By Henry Marion Howe 539 Pages
  • The Blast Furnace And The Manufacture Of Pig Iron (1909) By Robert Forsythe 365 Pages
  • Forge Work (1912) By William L. Ilgen 236 Pages
  • Modern American Methods Of Copper Smelting (1887) By Edward D. Peters 374 Pages
  • Modern Iron Foundry Practice (1902) By Geo. R. Bale 415 Pages
  • The Metallurgy Of Iron And Steel (1908) By Bradley Stoughton 532 Pages
  • Handbook Of Metallurgy Volume 1 Copper-Lead-Silver-Gold (1898) By Dr. Carl Schnabel 900 Pages
  • Foundry Practice A Text-Book For Molders Students And Apprentices (1912) By R. H. Palmer 376 Pages
  • Electric Smelting And Refining; The Extraction And Treatment Of Metals By Means Of The Electric Current (1897) By W. Borchers 501 Pages
  • Forging Operations Machine Forging, Forging Dies, Special Forging (1916) By International Textbook Company 184 Pages
  • The Electric Furnace (1921) By J. N. Pring 564 Pages
  • Shop Handbook On Alloy Steels (1921) By G.Van Dyke 104 Pages
  • The Metallurgy Of The Non-Ferrous Metals (1914) By William Gowland 540 Pages
  • Heat Treatment Of Steel (1914) By The Industrial Press 303 Pages
  • High Explosive Shell Manufacture A Comprehensive Treatise On The Forging (1916) By Douglas T. Hamilton 248 Pages
  • Foundry Work A Practical Handbook On Standard Foundry Practice (1918) By American Technical Society 232 Pages
  • Pattern Making And Foundry Practice (1905) By L. H. Hand 172 Pages
  • Copper Smelting (1885) By Henry M. Howe 119 Pages
  • Shop And Foundry Practice Volume 3 (1901) By The Colliery Engineer Company 727 Pages
  • The Encyclopedia Of Founding And Dictionary Of Foundry Terms (1894) By Simpson Rolland 0 556 Pages
  • The Electric Furnace Its Construction, Operation And Uses (1914) By Alfred Stansfield 443 Pages
  • The Case-Hardening Of Steel (1921) By Harry Brearley 228 Pages
  • Steel Its Selection, Annealing, Hardening And Tempering (1913) By E. R. Markham 442 Pages
  • The Manufacture And Properties Of Iron And Steel (1904) By Harry Huse Campbell 906 Pages
  • The Preparation Of Zinc Nitride And Its Alloy With Zinc (1920) By Walter J. Bentley And Paul L. Stern 200 Pages
  • Hardening, Tempering, Annealing And Forging Steel (1903) By Joseph V. Woodworth 304 Pages
  • Forge-Practice And Heat Treatment Of Steel (1919) By John Lord Bacon 442 Pages
  • The Steel Foundry (1914) By John Howe Hall 295 Pages
  • The Electro-Metallurgy Of Steel (1922) By C. C. Gow 402 Pages
  • Heat-Treatment Of Steel (1920) By Erik Oberg 296 Pages
  • The Foundry (1892) 407 Pages
  • An Outline Of The Metallurgy Of Iron & Steel (1912) By A. Humboldt Sexton 600 Pages
  • Shop And Foundry Practice Volume 2 (1901) By The Colliery Engineer Company 627 Pages
  • Electro-Metallurgy (1908) By John B. C. Kershaw 336 Pages
  • Drop Forging, Die Sinking And Machine Forming Of Steel (1911) By Joseph V. Woodworth 374 Pages
  • Foundry, Forge And Factory (1890) By William John Gordon 235 Pages
  • The Heat Treatment Of Tool Steel (1911) By Harry Brearley 188 Pages
  • Shop And Foundry Practice Volume 4 (1901) By The Colliery Engineer Company 773 Pages
  • Forging Of Iron And Steel (1915) By William Allyn Richards 289 Pages
  • Practical Metallurgy And Assaying A Text-Book For The Use Of Teachers, Students, And Assayers (1906) By Arthur H. Hiorns 497 Pages
  • Metallurgy The Art Of Extracting Metals From Their Ores, And Adaptig Tem To Various Purposes Of Manufacture (1864) By John Percy 972 Pages
  • A Practical Guide For The Manufacture Of Metallic Alloys (1872) By A. A. Fesquet 338 Pages
  • Elementary Forge Practice A Text-Book For Technical And Vocational Schools (1920) By Robert H. Harcourt 168 Pages
  • A Text-Book Of Elementary Metallurgy (1888) By Arthur H. Hirons 264 Pages
  • High-Speed And Carbon Tool Steels Their Characteristics And Treatment (1914) By Machinery s Reference Series 52 Pages
  • Principles Of Metallurgy (1914) By Arthur H. Horns 420 Pages
  • Foundry Practice A Treatise On Molding And Casting In Their Various Details (1909) By James M. Tate And Melvin O. Stone 250 Pages
  • The Practice Of Copper Smelting (1911) By Edward Dyer Peters 727 Pages
  • Forge Practice (Elementary) (1908) By John Lord Bacon 322 Pages
  • Metallurgy Of Tin (1911) By Henry Louis 160 Pages
  • A Treatise On The Metallurgy Of Iron (1868) By H. Bauerman 444 Pages
  • The Metallurgy Of Gold (1898) By T. Kirke Rose 616 Pages
  • Models Of Blast Furnaces For Smelting Iron (1922) By Henry W. Nichols 28 Pages
  • A Study Of The Blast Furnace (1911) By Harbison- Walker Refactories Co. 185 Pages
  • Forgecraft (1913) By Charles Philip Crowe 200 Pages
  • A Practical Book In Elementary Metallurgy (1917) By Ernest Edgar Thum 332 Pages
  • Carbon And Alloy Tool Steels (1918) By Ludlum Steel Company 175 Pages
  • Composition And Heat Treatment Of Steel (1910) By E. F. Lake 272 Pages
  • A Manual Of Electro-Metallurgy (1860) By James Napier 189 Pages
  • Foundry Nomenclature The Moulders Pocket Dictionary (1920) By John F. Buchanan 243 Pages
  • The Metallic Alloys A Practical Guide For The Manufacture Of All Kinds Of Alloys, Amalgams, And Solders, Used By Metal-Workers (1896) By William T. Brant 567 Pages
  • Machine Forging Machines And Methods Used In The Forming, Welding And Upsetting Of Machine Parts (1914) By Douglas T. Hamilton 44 Pages
  • The Principles And Practice Of Iron And Steel Manufacture (1917) By Walter Macfarlane 322 Pages
  • Foundry Moulding Machines And Pattern Equipment (1920) By Edwin S. Carman 248 Pages
  • Handbook Of Metallurgy Volume 2 Zinc-Cadmium-Mercury-Bismuth-Tin-Antomony-Arsenic-Nickel-Cobalt-Platinum-Aluminium (1898) By Dr. Carl Schnabel 756 Pages
  • A Manual Of Metallurgy (1873) By George Hogarth Makins 617 Pages
  • The Founder s Manual A Presentation Of Modern Foundry Operations (1920) By David W. Payne 698 Pages
  • The Working Of Steel Annealing, Heat Treating And Hardening Of Carbon And Alloy Steel (1921) By Fred H. Colvin And K. A. Juthe 264 Pages
  • Forging (1906) By American School Of Correspondence 112 Pages
  • Hand-Forging And Wrought-Iron Ornamental Work (1911) By Thomas F. Googerty 209 Pages
  • The Philadelphia Correspondence Schools Of  

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