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Remembering the Vietnam War CD 

The History of the Vietnam War on CD-Rom!
Over 1,000+ high resolution photographs, videos, maps, declassified documents, books, and more covering the most significant events of the Vietnam War on CD-Rom! Air Support, Tanks, War Fleets, Combat, Memorials, Political Leaders, The Tet Offensive, Saigon, Operation Dozer, Red River Delta, Shau Valley, Bassac River, Binh Son, The Cambodian Border, USS America, Enterprise, Kitty Hawk, Montague, and tons more!

This collection is a true work of art and the finest collection available on the Vietnam War available today. All pictures are fully printable from the CD and are suitable for framing! They are all scans from the authentic originals and are of the highest quality. This CD is a great visual reference and study guide for any historical buff or educational student alike.

* PARTIAL LIST OF VIETNAM WAR PHOTOS * 173rd Airborne Brigade 22nd Infantry 25th Infantry 25th Infantry 27th Infantry 2nd Battalion 3rd Battalion 4th Battalion 503rd Infantry 7th Marines 9th Infantry GI A Shau Valley Air Force Battles Air Force Pilots American Forces Army Blue Rifle Platoon Bob Hope Cambodia Cambodian Border Camp Pendleton Death & Destruction Field & Evacuation Hospitals Fort McClellan French Foreign Legionnaire Helicopter & Air Battles Ho Chi Minh Huu Thanh Indochina Laos Long Khanh Province Marines MIA (Missing in Action) Military Napalm Bombs Naval Air Station Miramar Navy Navy Seals North Vietnam Operation Homecoming Operation MacArthur Operation Yellowstone Other Infantry Divisions Peace & Victory POW"s (Prisoners of War) President (Lieutenant General) Nguyen Van Thieu President and Madame Nguyen Van Thieuas President Diem President Dwight D. Eisenhower President Gerald Ford President Lyndon B. Johnson President of South Vietnam Ngo Dinh Diem President Richard M. Nixon Red River Delta Republic of Vietnam Saigon Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara Secretary of State Henry Kissinger Secretary of State John Foster Dulles Secretary of the Navy Paul H. Nitze Soldiers & Ground Battles South Vietnam Southeast Asia Tet Offensive The H Company USS America USS Durham USS Enterprise USS Kitty Hawk USS Midway USS Montague USS Thomaston USS Ticonderoga USS Tripoli Vice President Nelson Rockefeller Viet Cong Viet Cong Guerrillas and Terrorists Vietminh Viet Nam War Casualties War Veterans Weapons & Artillery Women in the War And More!

Battle and Campaign Maps of the Vietnam War

** PARTIAL LIST OF VIETNAM WAR MAPS ** Battle of the Ia Drang - 1965 Drang, Opening Moves - 1965 Enemy Situation - Early 1964 Final Days, 1975 Indochina - Early 1954 NVA Plan - 1965 NVA Spring Offensive, 1972 Operation CEDAR FALLS - 1967 South Vietnam, 1971- LAM SON 719 South Vietnam, Cambodia - 1970 TET Offensive - 1968 And More!

Declassified Documents of the Vietnam War

** SOME OF THE DOCUMENTS AND AREAS OF INTEREST COVERED INCLUDE ** South Vietnam - Thieu Unlikely to Win Emergency Powers, May 19, 1972 Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker"s Cable Concerning Corruption in South Vietnam, July 19, 1972 President Richard Nixon"s Meeting with Secretary of Defense Elliot Richardson and the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Recognition for Returning Prisoners of War, February 15, 1973 President Ford"s Meeting on Foreign Aid with Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and the Bipartisan Congressional Leadership, September 12, 1974 Ambassador John Dean"s Cable on the Cambodia Settlement, February 6, 1975 Ominous Developments in Vietnam, March 12, 1975 Assessment of General Fred C. Weyand"s Report on Vietnam, April 5, 1975 Vietnam Assessment Report by General Fred C. Weyand, April 9, 1975 Helicopter Pilot Radio Transmissions During the Saigon Evacuation, April 29, 1975 Secretary of State Henry Kissinger"s Cable on President Gerald Ford"s Decisions on the Saigon Evacuation, April 29, 1975 Lessons of Vietnam by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, ca. May 12, 1975 Debrief of the Mayaguez Captain and Crew, May 19, 1975 Escape from South Vietnam [Refugees], July 10, 1976 Indochina Refugee Boat Cases, December 10, 1976 Life Inside Cambodia, May 10, 1976 The Situation in Asia, July 15, 1975 And More!

Books and Texts on the Vietnam War

  • Vietnam Studies: A Turning Point

  • Vietnam Studies: U.S. Special Forces

  • Chronology of the Vietnam War

  • American Military History

Films on the Vietnam War

The News Magazine of the Screen (Vol. 5, Issue 10; Summer Review 1955)

This rare newsreel details the war in Saigon, the rehearsal of an atomic attack,

the end of the "EI" & much more!

Sponsor: N/A
Producer: Warner Path? News
Audio/Visual: Sd, B&W

Run Time: 21:18

Plus More...

  • Screensaver Commemorating the Vietnam War

  • And Tons More!

This is the most complete collection on the Vietnam War that exists today!

If it was a part of the Vietnam War it is on this CD!

100% money back guarantee!

This is a true collector"s piece and a work of art. No other product comes close to the quality of the Remembering the Vietnam War CD.

The price will go up as our inventory is minimized, and they are moving quick! Secure your copy before it is too late and own a genuine piece of history today!

We are so confident that you will love this CD that we offer a No Questions Asked, 14 Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. Examine it, try it, use it for a full 14 days without risk. Just send it back to us and we will promptly refund your investment!

For mere pennies each this extensive, top secret collection will be rushed to your doorstep via USPS First Class Mail! Relive these historic moments frozen in time today!


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