This is a one size fits

ost PLUS size. It won t fit all plus sizes, but it s roomy, so check measurements below. This is an interesting outfit with so many elements! The bulk of it is the drapey-cottony feel breathable rayon but there s some heavier georgette and velvet elements too and just SO MUCH trim. The color is vibrant. I ve used a flash for the photos so you could see details. Trouble is, that sort of washed out the color in picture #2. First the top is almost jackety in style. It actually looks like it s a 2 piece top but it s not. There s a simple round neckline that s embroiderered at the front. But there s an "over blouse" of sorts, in georgette too-- marbled because of the overwash-- and the piece from the shoulders down past the bust is a georgette stripe-- you can see in the pictures how well this held the s incredible. The "over blouse" piece is actually sewn at the shoulders and sides and then has a frog closure. There s lovely little swirly trim that goes around the neckline and down the front. Then, past the bust and right before the bottom there is a 2" trim piece that is sorta "U" trim. The black wash has really made this pop. The long sleeves have a velvet piece inset just past the elbow, and that piece is trimmed out in the teeeny litle trim. Then there is another piece of semi-sheer georgette which is cut wider as it goes to the wrist. This piece is trimmed again in that teeny trim at the bottom. There are ties in the middle back to adjust the fit too. The skirt has an elastic waist with an added string tie. Front and back are basically 3 pieced panels. But a couple extras are added. First that really cool georgette "stripe" is inset between the main and side front panels in a sort of triangle piecing. The embroidery and trim that s found in the jacket are also found on the middle front skirt panel. Below that fabulous "U" trim though there are 2 pieces of the stone washed, overwashed georgette that hang freely. These have that same embroidery and little teeny trim all the way around them. The back is plain EXCEPT it does have the inset "stripe" pieces on either side of the middle panel, just like the front. I also have this in an over washed goldy brown I m listing at this time, too. msrp is $79 so grab a deal! MEASUREMENTS: PLEASE NOTE: Measurements taken with the garment flat and measured across the front only. Allow wiggle room! TOP Bust: 26", goes in to 24" and back out ending at 29". Length: 26", goes in to 24" and back out ending at 29". Sleeves: 24.5". SKIRT Waist: 18.5" and stretches to 28" comfortably Hips: 33" across the front Length: 39". This is cool water-wash rayon--in the cottony drapey type with georgette trim. Hand wash or dry clean.

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Gypsy or Hippie Elemental Outfit Burgundy Plus Sz

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gypsy hippie elemental outfit burgundy plus sz



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