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Genuine Luang Phor Pinak Hanuman Amulet Pendant
In Stock Condition:  Vintage
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Welcome to Goocci Store! Introducing you The Thai Amulets which are Highly Sacred & imbued with powers by Top Guru Monks from Thailand.

We specialize in Thai Antiques mainly votive tablets worn by many as pendants or kept as heirloom through generations. Thai Amulets are highly sacred & are blessed by Top Gurus from Thailand.

We deal with 100% Genuine & Authenticated items Only.

Feel free to look around & Bring your Friends along as well! Have a Good Day!
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Oct 2011
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***Real Amulets at Realistic Prices***

LP Pinak Piyataro was born in Amper Tatan Janwad Utthaitani on the 1st of March 2456 (1913) and was described as a outgoing young man that loves to enjoy life and live care free. As a young man he was also known to be afraid yet at the same time interested in the topic of ghost and spirits/spirituality thus decided to embark his journey as a monk looking to find answers.

He finally ordained in the year 2481 under LP Sin (A senior monk in the province with over 70 pansas/years of monkhood) in Wat Nong Tao also in Utthaitani, he was 25 years of age. After passing his pali and Buddistic exams he moved on to Wat Patsutawa Janwad Sarkon Nakorn where he would meet his main preceptor LP Mun Buritatoe and would follow him for the next 42 years in tudong (forest monkhood).

LP Pinak along with fellow students of the great Arjan Mun would travel (by foot) far and wide with nothing but their alms bowls and robes to a total of five countries including Burma, Laos, Cambodia even as far as India where they visited all the known Buddistic locations in their quest for pilgrimage and to learn and progress in their quest to reach higher realms during meditation.

During his journey back to/in Thailand he would raise funds to build temples (30 in total) throughout Thailand the more notable ones being

-Wat Tan Sulatkang Janwad Nakorn Si Tammarat

-Wat Tan Quay Janwad Petchaboon (Where earlier amulets were produced)

-Wat Sanamlao (His final temple and location where he attained Arahanghood)

LP Pinak relocated to Saraburi in 2527 and would build his last temple Wat Sanamlao which was completed in 2530 and would spend his last 19 pansas (rain retreats) there before attaining arahanghood (A state where one is completely detached to the material world) on the 13 of November 2545 at 0514hrs.

LP Pinut was known to be one of Thailand's greatest mediation masters having learnt meditation from perhaps the greatest masters of all time LP Mun Buritoe, and being closer associates with LT Mahabua of Wat Pla Bundat Janwad Udonthani, was above to achieve high levels of mediation concentration reaching higher realms.

This along with wiccha (magic) that LP Pinak learnt over 42 years of being a forest monk enabled him to create some of the most powerful amulets ever made. Having built 30 temples, LP Pinak also accumulated a lot of merits (Boon) which is another factor that leads to the ability of creating good amulets.

Although LP Pinak Piyataro passed away several years ago, his name and amulets are as highly respected today as they were then. Amongst his many devotees are soldiers, physicians, police,politician,businessmen etc.

It is thought that as a monk he had achieved high-level meditation and Dharma. Extraordinarily even when he passed away he was sitting in meditation.

As a monk he dedicated a lifetime cultivating and conquering his own mind to such an extent that he attained liberation from suffering by the attainment of the unconditioned, a state beyond the realms of what is commonly known. An ability to control the inner power of the mind.

His sacred amulets have always been of interest to many people from many walks of life, but the popularity became particularly widespread when news of his miraculous passing was made public. It is generally accepted that his incredible meditative power translated into highly efficacious amulets.He learnt Dhama and sacred sciences from many senior monks, a topic I will discuss in the second part of this article in a few weeks

LP Pinak never requested money or other forms of donation from the public or indeed those that worshipped him.

LP Pinak Piyataro passed away in B. E.2545. He only created a limited number of amulets throughout his life but all of them are highly sought after, the original now fetching well in very high price in market, the sad thing is that , there are too much of duplicate stuff in market.

Dao Mae Nur Hom Amulets

Dao Mae Nur Hom amulets were one of the first series of sacred amulets blessed by Luang Phor Pinak and they are considered exceptionally special because quite simply there had never been an amulet like this before. The unique design was that of a star quite similar to those that would decorate service men such as police or military personnel.

These amulets were first created around B.E.248X, and were designed in this style because many of his devotees were service people who required extreme protection, choklap, maha saneh, maha setti, metta maha niyom from the inherent dangers of their relevant professions.

What is known is that his amulets not only offer extreme protection but greatly enhance opposite sex attraction, personal charisma and fortune be it personal or business.

The front of Dao Mae Nur Hom amulets is shaped as a five pointed star, synonymous with the five Lord Buddha's. Nak , Mok , Put , Tak , Yak.
The back of the amulets feature a star with eight-points, synonymous with the eight Phra Arahant. Phra Alya Kolthunya, Phra Maha Gussapa, Phra Sali-butra, Phra Upali, Phra Ananda, Phra Mokkalla, Phra Rahu,Pang Maravichai. Worshippers are granted multiple levels of protection.

LP Pinak is believed to have acquired the knowledge and wiccha to create these amulets from a deva known as Pra Tham whilst in deep meditation at a cave at Nakhon Si Thammarat., and accounts for the reason that he is essentially the only monk to have created this type of amulet. As his wiccha was teached by deva, his wiccha have not passed to anyone. The main point is , there are nobody else can using the same material and making the same amulet like LP Pinak anymore. LP Pinak have once travelled to India , China , Burma. He even travelled to Himalaya mount to learning his wiccha from Lersi at there.

Yant Nak Ut Tek
This yant was created by LP Pinak, for metta , wealth. Most of LP Pinak amulet also have hand written yant Nak Ut Tek by him personally. In order to verify his stuff , the hand writting yant was a important point (see the nak). We can using LP Pinak katta chanting his amulet and make a wish. Wish may come true very soon.

Paladhua Hom , Palahua Cemut
LP Pinak have stated that all his palakid and palahua cemut to be done something every year so that his paladhua hom and palahua cemut will be more saksit.
There are only 5 type of wood used to make his paladhua hom and paladhua cemut.

Many people have a negative thinking of LP Pinak Yonnee which is a women private part that maded by lp. The reason LP Pinak making this type of amulet , it is because yonnee are representing our mother. LP Pinak have said " Which Of Us , Are Not Came From There" , he is refering the yonnee. The yonnee will just like our mother to care us , blessing us , born wealth , metta mahaniyom , maha saneh, etc.

Condition : Mint

Properties : Smooth sailing in life, Overcome all obstacles in life, Wealth fetching, Good in business, Overall good luck, Protection from harm and danger, good opportunity and successful in everything that you do.



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