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Cryptex puzzle to keep your secrets safe
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Cryptex puzzle Tube

Just like the one described by Dan Brown in The Da Vinci code as a Cryptex. For centuries this Cryptex puzzle tube has been a symbol of mystery and intrigue used to carry secrets and precious objects.

A message carrier that could only be opened by the receiver using a secret code only known to the sender and them.

No longer would messengers intercept vital documents and reveal their secrets to enemies or rivals or steal the contents.

Now you can own your very own Cryptex Puzzle tube

This unique, intricate and complex structure can only be safely unlocked with a special code without destroying it.

Built to a precise standard it is heavy (600 grams) and is 92mm long and 45mm across the head.

There are 6 separate code rings each consisting of the letters A to Z and 0 to 9. This means there is a possibility of over 2 and half Billion different combinations. Once set the Cryptex puzzle tube cannot be opened without the special code.

The inner container will hold 18 UK £1 coins or small jewels, rings, documents or whatever message you choose to hide away.

Plated with hard wearing Black nickel over metal and with a mystical intertwined triangle symbol at either end this is a fascinating and luxurious gift .

The Cryptex puzzle tube comes with a preset 6 character code to unlock the inner tube and a special code reset tool.

This tool will allow you to reset the code to any 6 character code you wish. With full and detailed instructions this is the only recommended way to change the code.

The Cryptex puzzle makes a fantastic present for someone who loves puzzles or you can keep your secrets save from prying eyes

Some people have used this to hold engagement rings, clues in a treasure trail or even special products they do not want anyone else getting access to. The possibilities are endless.

All our items are well packaged against damage and posted through first class Royal Mail.


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