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Concealment An Inside Waistband - Concealed Gun Holster Zastava M57 Tetejac M70A Pcel
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HOLSTER HOUSE USA has been selling unique items on Atomic Mall since Aug 2016. We are located in Lake wales FL, and we'd love to welcome you to our store! At HOLSTER HOUSE USA, the customer is always priority #1.
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Aug 2016
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The Size B Holster will fit the following Zastava pistols:

  • Zastava M57 Tetejac
  • M70A Pcelica
  • M70
  • M88
  • CZ 99
  • CZ 999
  • EZ
  • PPZ

Size B Holster Inside Waistband (IWB) Concealed Gun Holster

Right Hand (MOB for left hand shooters)
Gun Holster for Concealed Carry fit for Full Size Pistols

Very comfortable inside the pant gun holster. This holster is intended for concealed carry. Material is high quality synthetic suede that is very smooth & will not irritate the skin like other holsters. "HOLSTER HOUSE USA" holsters are by far the best bet for maximum concealed, comfortable carry.
Holster is sized to fit full size pistols. Listed below are examples of guns that will fit this model holster. Please note this list is not intended to be all inclusive; holster will fit more guns.

The following guns are the proper fit for Size B Holster:

  • Arcus 94, 94C, 98DA and 98DAC

  • Pavona Witness Compact

  • EAA Tanfoglio Witness and Witness Elite Stock 1 and 2

  • Rock Island 1911 Compact GI, 1911 Mid Size GI, TAC 1911 II Compact, TCM 22 Standard Mid Size, TCM 22 VZ Mid Size, MAP Full Size, MAP Mid Size and MAPP Mid Size

  • Beretta Px4 Storm Full Size and 92 Compact

  • Bersa Thunder, Thunder Combat, Thunder Plus and Thunder Pro Series

  • MetroArms American Classic Commander, Compact Commander and Amigo

  • MetroArms MAC 1911 Bobcut

  • Browning 1911, 1911 Compact, Hi-Power and Buck Mark

  • BUL Cherokee Compact, G Cherokee Compact, 1911 Classic Commander, M-5 Commander, M-5 Ultra X and M-5 IPSC

  • Caracal CP660, CP661, CP662 and CP663

  • Chiappa 1911-22 Compact, MC27, M9 Compact, PK4 and 75

  • Cobra FS

  • Colt 1991 4.25 inch barrel and XSE 4.25 inch barrel

  • CZ 75 Compact and P-07

  • Dan Wesson CCO, ECO and Guardian

  • Detonics MTX and Combat Master

  • DiamondBack DB FS Nine

  • Ed Brown 1911 Executive Carry, Kobra Carry and Special Forces Carry

  • FNH FNS and FNX

  • Girsan Compact Mkek, Compact MC, Zirve, Bora, Bora Light, MC 13, MC 14, MC 21, MC 23, MC 25, MC 27, MC C, MC 17 and MC 27 S

  • Glock 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 31, 32, 36, 37 and 38

  • Hi-Point 45 ACP, 40 SW, 9MM and 380 ACP


  • Jimenez Arms JA LC380 and JA Nine

  • Kahr CT40, CT45, CW40, CW45, P45, T40, T9, TP40, TP45 and TP9

  • Kel Tec PMR-30

  • Kimber 1911 Compact, 1911 Pro Carry and 1911 Ultra Carry

  • Lionheart LH9N, LH9N-MKII, LH9NC, LH9 and LH9-MKII

  • Magnum Research MR Eagle, Baby Desert Eagle Semi-Compact and Baby Desert Eagle Compact

  • SIG Sauer P220, P224, P226, P227, M11-A1, P229, P239, P250, P250 Compact, P320, 1911 Carry, 1911 Ultra, Mosquito and SP2022

  • BUL M-5 Commander

  • Chinese Army Model CF-98

  • Norinco NP-22, NP-34, NP-58, NP-40, NZ-85B, NZ-75, M-201C and NP-17

  • TISAS Kanuni 16, Zigana C-45 and Zigana F

  • Olympic Arms Journeyman

  • PARA Elite Commander and Elite Officer

  • Remington Model 1911 R1 Commander

  • Ruger 9E, SR9c, SR9, SR40c, SR40, SR45 and SR22

  • Smith and Wesson SD9, SD40, M&P, M&P Compact, M&P 22, Sigma, 5943TSW, 5944TSW, 5946TSW, 5967TSW, 1066, 1076, 1086, 4566, 4567, 4576, 4586 and SW99

  • Sphinx SDP SubCompact Alpha and SDP Compact Alpha

  • Springfield Armory XD Compact Service, XD Service, XDM and XD-S

  • Star S Series, 30, 31 and 316

  • Steyr C-A1, S-A1 and M-A1

  • STI Tactical 4.0, VIP, Duty One 4, Duty One LT 4, Guardian, Lawman 4.0, Ranger II, Spartan IV and Tactical SS 4.0

  • Stoeger Cougar

  • Taurus 24/7, 809, 840 and 845

  • Walther PPQ, P99 and PPX

  • Wilson Combat Professional, Bill Wilson Carry Pistol, Carry Comp, CQB Compact, Stealth, Compact and Sentinel

  • Zastava M57 Tetejac, M70A Pcelica, M70, M88, CZ 99, CZ 999, EZ and PPZ

  • Smith & Wesson S&W SD9, SD40, M&P, M&P Compact, M&P 22, Sigma, 5943TSW, 5944TSW, 5946TSW, 5967TSW, 1066, 1076, 1086, 4566, 4567, 4576,4586, SW99

    Product features:

    Inside the waistband holster
    Fits full size pistols
    Size B
    Right hand
    Flexible plastic belt clip
    Open top
    Synthetic suede material
    Black Color

    On May-20-15 at 20:07:47 PDT


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