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Audiobook Collection #6 of 25 audiobooks no CD MP3
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"FREE SHIPPING to Canada, U.S.A. and Internationally Collection #6 of 25 Various Audiobooks Narrated by various male & female voices The length of the audiobooks is approximately 19 hours 56 minutes. There is no CD with this auction. It will be shipped by email to your email and/or Atomic Mall messages as an MP3 file. Along with the file you will receive a PDF indicating the length of each audiobook and the starting time of the book in the file for easy access. Buyer can use this file for all purposes except reselling Audiobook Titles/Author/Brief Summary Sherlock Holmes-Priory School Author: Arthur Conan Doyle One story from the fifth volume of the complete Sherlock Holmes Stories Sherlock Holmes-Red Headed League Author: Arthur Conan Doyle One story from the third volume of the complete Sherlock Holmes Stories Sherlock Holmes-Adventures. Sherlock Holmes-Scandal in Bohemia Author: Arthur Conan Doyle One story from the third volume of the complete Sherlock Holmes Stories Sherlock Holmes-Adventures Slapping Sal Author: Arthur Conan Doyle The story of a British frigate traveling Caribbean waters and their encounter with the pirate ship known as The Slapping Sal. Smoke Bellew 01 - The Taste of the Meat Author: Jack London The first of a series, at first Christopher Bellew (known as Smoke Bellew) is a journalist who goes to Alaska to cover the gold rush. Smoke Bellew 02 - The Meat Author: Jack London In this second of the series, Smoke Bellew, a San Francisco journalist decides to stay on Klondike to chronicle the gold rush. Smoke Bellew 03 - The Stampede to Squaw Creek Author: Jack London In the third of the Smoke Bellew series, Smoke and his new friend Shorty stampede to stake their gold claims. Smoke Bellew 04 - Shorty Dreams Author: Jack London Smoke discovers a clever system to win in roulette. This is a particularly entertaining installment of the Smoke Bellew series. Smoke Bellew 05 - The Man on the Other Bank Author: Jack London In this installment of the Smoke Bellew series, Smoke is accused of a murder. Smoke Bellew 06 - The Race for Number One Author: Jack London In this humorous installmet of the Smoke Bellow series, Smoke and Shorty race for a $1,000,000 prize. Smoke Bellew 07 - The Little Man Author: Jack London This story is one of adventures and testing strength that came with the wild gold rush in the Yukon country. Smoke Bellew 08 - The Hanging of Cultus George Author: Jack London In this installment of the Smoke Bellew series, Smoke and Shorty try to save a tribe of starving Indians with interesting results. Smoke Bellew 09 - The Mistake of Creation Author: Jack London Smoke and Shorty are faced with the ravages of scurvy and set out to find a solution ? with a little perseverance and potatoes. Smoke Bellew 10 - A Flutter in Eggs Author: Jack London In this installment of the Smoke Bellow series, Smoke and Wild Water have a stand-off over ? of all things ? eggs. Smoke Bellew 11 - The Town-Site of Tra-Lee Author: Jack London In this installment of the Smoke Bellew series, Smoke and Shorty endeavor to buy a town site, but the situation is complicated. Son of the Wolf Author: Jack London One of Jack London's Alaskan adventures. Politically Incorrect to the very highest degree now. Spectre Bridegroom Author: Washington Irving It was a very odd bridegroom who arrived so late for the feast prepared for him in the castle-home of his betrothed. It looked as if the goblins had been playing tricks on the Baron and his lovely daughter. Squaw Author: Bram Stoker Very interesting horror. Squires Story Author: Mrs Gaskell Once upon a time a highwayman lived there, and amassed untold treasures; and that the ill-gotten wealth yet remains walled up in some unknown concealed chamber. Sredni Vashtar Author: Saki Horror Staley Flemings Hallucination Author: Ambrose Bierce The doctor suspected that his patient was suffering from a malady outside the scope of medical aid. But even he could not foresee the horrible climax to the strange symptoms. Tale Author: Joseph Conrad War at sea sometimes makes you do things... Terrible Solomons Author: Jack London There is no gainsaying that the Solomons are a hard-bitten bunch of islands. On the other hand, there are worse places in the world. But to the new chum who has no constitutional understanding of men and life in the rough, the Solomons may indeed prove terrible. Terrible Tale Author: Gaston Leroux Cannibalistic horror Terribly Strange Bed Author: Wilkie Collins Terrifying adventures in a shady Parisian gambling house. Audiobooks are voice recordings of the text of a book that you listen to rather than read. Audiobooks can be exact word-for-word versions of books or abridged versions. You can listen to audiobooks on a music player, cell phone, computer, tablet, home speaker system or in cars that support streaming audio. Devices for Listening to Audiobooks: Audiobooks are available as digital audio files, they can be used on a wide variety of consumer electronic devices. Some examples include: - MP3 players - PMPs (portable media players) - Smartphones (Android and iOS) - Internet tablet devices such as iPads - Home stereo systems - Cars that support streaming audio from media players - Computers THANK YOU and ENJOY YOUR AUDIOBOOKS PLS NOTE IAM THE COPYRIGHT OWNER AND HAVE RESELL RIGHTS"  

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