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Beginner Turkish language set 1
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Dem Books & Language Services has been selling unique items on Atomic Mall since October of 2009. We are located in Kadikoy Istanbul, and we'd love to welcome you to our store! At Dem Books & Language Services, the customer is always priority #1.
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Talebe, Turkish Lessons 1

A4, 140 pages

Who is Talebe for?
Talebe is for young learners and adults.

What is Talebe?
Talebe is a beginner course book for learners who want to learn Turkish in a practical way focused on everyday situations as well as related grammar and vocabulary. Talebe is a course book to study with a teacher but it is also used for self study. It covers 55 short units (communicative units and reading units) and 6 consolidation chapters to check the grammar points.

What's in the units?
The 55 units cover a wide range of issues, including introducing yourself, talking about other people, asking how people are, objects and their qualities, shopping for food, saying and asking what you have, giving commands, saying and asking where you are going, saying what you want, giving about personal information, talking about plans, talkin about routine activities, comparison, describing people, obligation, necessity, at the doctor, suggestions, requests, permissions, biography, talking about experiences, city tour, reporting statements, saying where things are, shopping for clothes, ability, at the restaurant, talking about future events, giving advice and more. 

What's the teaching technique?
Learners are introduced to the situation through listening, vocabulary or reading exercises.
Learners learn and do the grammar point related to the situation by doing rewriting and repeating.
Learners use the language through pair work.
Learners listen to a dialogue or a text related to the situation for listening and pronunciation.
Learners study extra related grammar if necessary.
Learners do more pair work or speaking activities.
Learners read the text at the end of the unit for comprehension, new vocabulary and pronunciation.
Learners do the writing assignment as homework or guided class activity.

What are the supplementary materials?
Talebe can be used with Dil Bilgisi I (Turkish grammar) as a workbook, Kelime I (Turkish vocabulary developer) and Okuma I (Turkish easy readers).

Dil Bilgisi I, Turkish grammar book I

A4, 155 pages

Turkish grammar book can be used for both self-tuition or study with a teacher, as a workbook used with Talebe (Turkish course book) and as a reference book to Turkish easy readers. The types of exercises are rewriting, filling in the blanks, making sentences, completing words and sentences, combining sentences.

Okuma I, Turkish easy readers I

17x22 cm, 115 pages

Pen friend, a Turkish Fairy Tale, biographies, strange news, Anatolian myths (Troy), what is what, tales from Anatolian folks.

Turkish easy readers are simplified Turkish texts and can be used both for self-study and supplementary materials to a class or cousebook. Vocabulary used in these books is limited and chosen for everyday needs.The levels of the easy readers are specified according to content, tenses, number of words and structure .
After each part, learners do the exercises to analyze and understand the text and read again. The type of exercises are true / false, wh- questions, word matching, who says what, putting the text in order.

Kelime I, Turkish Vocabulary developers I

17x22 cm, 115 pages

Personal Information, days & months, numbers, shapes, family, opposite adjectives, everyday activities, colours, weather forecast, countries, education, face, compound nouns, body, suffixes, organs, hair, clothes, vegetables, fruits, vegetables & fruits, house, food & drinks, jobs, illness, living room, clothing, marriage, bedroom, shopping list, which words, classification, kitchen, bathroom, to do, pets, personality, where do they work, buildings, shops, activities at home, opposite verbs, who uses what, vehicles
Headlines, tools, wild animals, city life

Types of exercise are filling in the blanks, matching words, grouping the words, rewriting the words, choosing the odd word, classifying the words, findng the correct word, crosswords, completing, combining, associating


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