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the inner lining of the blood vessel that regulates arterial health. Maintaining its youthful integrity supports overall cardiovascular health as humans age. Endothelial Defense??? with Full-Spectrum Pomegranate??? supplies standardized pomegranate and an orally active form of superoxide dismutase to support endothelial health. Both of these components (pomegranate, SOD) have been clinically shown to help with blood flow and age-related changes in endothelial function. Pomegranate supports healthy blood flow. This standardized pomegranate extract is one of the active components of Endothelial Defense???. SOD protects against nitric oxide degradation. Aging results in a reduction of our body???s production of the critical antioxidant called superoxide dismutase (SOD). One consequence of SOD depletion is excess degradation of endothelial nitric oxide. An orally active superoxide dismutase called GliSODin? has been clinically shown to support healthy arterial function and structure ... while boosting levels of the body???s most powerful antioxidant enzymes (SOD and catalase). Pomegranate flower extract and seed oil blend. This blend of pomegranate flower extract and seed oil contains potent polyphenols that provide support for youthful lipid and glucose metabolism and help with inflammatory factors.

life Extension Endothelial Defense cents with Full-Spectrum Pomegranate cents

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life extension endothelial defense cents with full spectrum pomegranate cents



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