Xiaomi iHealth Smart Blood Pressure Dock

- Bluetooth 4.0, WHO Classification, App Support, Records 3 Types Of Blood Pressure (CVAIA-H209) WORLDWIDE! Will ship within 5 business days of receiving cleared payment Estimated delivery dates (include handling time) - 8 to 20 days delivery 12 Month Warranty! Excluding physical damages and damages caused by incorrect usage Full refund available within 14 days! Accept Credit Cards Online with PayPal Credit Card Processing Xiaomi iHealth Smart Blood Pressure Dock With the Xiaomi iHealth Smart Blood Pressure Dock, you ll be able to keep constant track of your blood pressure by simply using your smartphone. High blood pressure can lead to serious health problems for the young and old alike. Luckily, Xiaomi has introduced their very own Bluetooth Blood Pressure Dock making checking your blood pressure easier than ever before. From now on you ll never have to head out on a trip to the doctor again to get your blood pressure checked. Simply connect this smart health accessory to your smartphone or tablet, slide on the blood pressure band, and you ll be all set to read your current blood pressure levels. Thanks to its simple design, this smart electronic gadget can be used efficiently by anybody out there without needing any technological of medical experience. Supporting a cuff range of 22 to 30 CM, this blood pressure dock can be used on people of any age and weight. Capable of recording between 0mmHg and 300mmHg and having an accuracy of 3mmHg, this Xiaomi health accessory is highly accurate and guaranteed to deliver useful readings. The device has been WHO certified, guaranteeing that all information provided by this health tool is trustworthy and gives you a clear overview of your current blood pressure levels. Once paired with your smartphone or tablet, simply open the mobile application (iHealth Myvitals), strap on the cuff, and you ll be all set to measure your blood pressure. The mobile application has a simple interface which is very intuitive to use. With a simple press of a button, the application along with the dock will measure your blood pressure providing you with real-time information on your systolic blood pressure (highest level when your heart beats), your diastolic blood pressure (lowest level in between beats), and your pulse. The Xiaomi iHealth Smart Blood Pressure monitor allows you to make as many readings as you like and record them over time. This allows you to compare previous readings to see whether your blood pressure is changing over time and if you may have to contact a doctor. Additionally, the mobile application allows you to efficiently share your readings by mail with, for example, your doctor bringing along great efficiency. Manufacturer Specifications General Power: DC 5V 1A Bluetooth 4.0 Cuff range: 22 cm - 30 cm Measturing range: 0kPa - 40kPa (0mmHg - 300mmHg) Resolution: 0.133kPa (1mmHg) Accuracy: More or less 0.4kPa (More or less 3mmHg) Pulse frequency measurement range: 40 times/min - 180 times/min Compatible OS: Android 4.3 / iOS 7.0 and above system APP name: ihealth myvitals Ports Micro USB Air inlet Dimensions Main Product Dimensions: 112x 112x 66mm (L x W x D) Main Product Weight: 238g Package Contents Blood Test Dock Arm Cuff Micro USB cable SHOP Fair Price Estore at Atomic Mall for Full Line of Products! Link to storefront: https://www.atomicmall.com/fairpriceestore

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Xiaomi iHealth Smart Blood Pressure Dock - Bluetooth 4.0, WHO Classification

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