PC24E HFC WavLan Turbo Silver Wireless

802.11B (PCMCIA) WavLan Turbo Silver Wireless 802.11B (PCMCIA) Slighlty used looking but works fine... People this card goes for $100.00 elsewhere, grab it or loose it... Description Surf the Internet from almost anywhere in your home or business, without installing expensive cabling. With an AirPort-enabled Macintosh system or a PC laptop with PCMCIA slot, it s a snap to exchange files or play multiplayer games at data transfer rates of up to 11 megabits per second. And because this card uses radio waves for communication, it can even work through walls. Manufactured by Lucent Wavelan (more recently renamed, Orinoco) this card can give you a fast, secure, wireless connection that acts just like a conventional Ethernet link. This item is Refurbished. This item is in stock and can ship today. Features 11 Mbps wireless connection 40-bit WEP or 104-bit RC4 link layer encryption Interoperability with other cards that support the IEEE 802.11b wireless standard (like the Cisco Aironet or the Apple Airport card) If you have an AirPort-equipped Mac wired into your network, you can put it into "software base station" mode to serve all 802.11 cards, regardless of platform Lucent originally launched this card as the WaveLan Turbo 11Mb PC Card. It has also been listed as the WaveLan 11 Mbps Turbo IEEE 802.11. Lucent recently changed it s name to the Orinoco PC card The Wavlan Turbo Silver card supports the 802.11b standard 40-bit WEP method 00005

WavLan Turbo Silver Wireless 802.11B (PCMCIA)

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wavlan turbo silver wireless 802 11b pcmcia



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