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y Vendio Gallery Risk FREE! Titanic Era Royal Society Crochet Lessons SC Book 1917! Royal Society Crochet Lessons, Number 9 Spiral Bound Book Republication™ Originally Published in 1917! Why Buy Just One Receive a 50% s/h discount on all items in your order after the first purchase, providing all are paid for in a single payment as invoiced! Up for bid is another Dakota Prairie Treasures Spiral Bound Book Republication™ of the original Royal Society Crochet Lessons Number 9! This book was originally published in York in 1917! This HISTORIC item contains 44 pages of photos, instructions, diagrams, designs and fundamentals for creating delicately beautiful, dainty lace clothing, trims, edgings, lamp shades and soft furnishings. You will also find historical facts on this venerable and artistic craft! (Original is not for sale) Our line of Spiral Bound Book Republications™ oh-so-conveniently lie flat while in use! This is a unbelievably nice touch if you have every tried to read a pattern s instructions while your hands are full of your in progress project. As an avid needleworker myself my personal experience prompted my choice of spiral binding for it s ease-of-use alone. I bet you ll love it too! *** Producing the best CD Spiral Bound Book Republications for you since 1999! *** What a historically educational and delightful art instructional piece this is! Contents: 15 crochet stitch types instructions with pictures and abbreviations General Directions for Filet Crochet Open Mesh Closed Mesh Increasing and Diminishing of Open Mesh Increasing and Diminishing of Closed Mesh Nightgown Yoke No. 4222 Bedspread No. 1143 (with round medallion, edging, insertion, squares) Curtains and Valance No. 1144 Scarf No 1145 Square Pillow No 1146 Nightgown Yoke (with beading and edging) Lamp Shade Candlestick (covering for Base) Apron No. 2019 (with large, small and oval medallions, narrow insertions and edging) Hanging Lamp Shade (Venetian panel, all over panel, border with balls bottom of lower part, ball and strings) Nightgown No 4223 (with Medallions and Top of Yoke) Boudoir Pillow No. 1117 (top of pillow, back of pillow) Oval Mat No. 1132 Round Mat No. 1133 Shoe Trees No. 1134 (front, back) Scarf No. 6317 Scarf (corner) Candle Shade (Venetian Panels, filet panels, feeler, edging across bottom of shade) Curtains No. 1124 (white and pink thread color scheme) Bath Mat No 1125 Large Towel No. 1126 Scarf (insertions, edging for ends of scarf) Pillow No. 1141 (insertions) Boudoir Cap No. 1149 (band with edging) Nightgown Yoke No. 4220 (beading, edging, sleeves) Towel edgings No. 3195 Towel Edging No. 3200 (on scalloped linen edge) Towel Edging (on scalloped linen edge) Towel Edging No. 3214 Towel Edging No. 3219 Towel Edging No. 3220 Nightgown Yoke No. 4222 (beading, edging and sleeves) Laundry Bag No. 1147 Candle Shade No. 1118 Covering for Candle Stitch Swan Bon Bon Dish No 1137 (head, stiffening) Handkerchief Box (cover, bottom, sides and handle) Tray No. 1151 (center of tray, border of tray) Glove Box No. 1152 (cover, bottom sides, ends) Work Apron No. 2020 (strap, edging, string and balls) Scarf No. 6318 (with tassels) Pillow No. 5032 (with tassels) Coat Hanger Pin Cushion Pillow No. 5031 Towel No. 3223 Towel No. 3225 (edging) Towel No. 3226 Small Towel No. 1127 Bath Slippers No. 1128 (slipper sides) Sponge Bag No. 1129 Bedspread No. 1140 Work Bag No. 1130 Information regarding various crochet flosses and threads Whew! A lot of stuff here... I am sure it will keep you busy a long, long time! Lots of fun, easy to follow instructions with remarkably attractive results! I just love this information and am sure you will also! The ladies of earlier times put their hands to such marvelous work and now you can, too! These are beautiful items and sure to delight you and yours! These instructions are very clear and easy to follow and yet the experience needleworker will be capable of altering as per individual needs and artistic whim. The item you will receive is representative of the types of needlework expertise of earlier feminine American culture!!! If you re into nostalgia like I am you will have many hours of enjoyment making/recreating vintage/antique needlework items for yourself or others dear to your heart just the way your great-great-grandmothers did!

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Titanic Era Royal Society Crochet Lessons SC Book 1917!

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titanic era royal society crochet lessons sc book 1917



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