The Book of Elementals The Saga

of the Sorcerer s Son Phyllis Eisenstein (Paperback) Two Classic Fantasies in one book In Sorcerer s Son, Cray Ormoru, born in magic and raised with sorcery, dwells in a world of happiness within the walls of Castle Spinweb. His mother, Delivev the sorceress, provides everything he needs or desires. Still Cray yearns for something more. And as he grows from boy to young man, Cray senses that the time has come to undertake the quest to find the father he has never known, the young knight who had pledged eternal love to Delivev and then never returned from a final mission for his own lord. And so Cray sets out on the journey that will take him from town to castle to a fortress of bronze, totally unprepared for the sorrows and dangers that lie ahead. For the fate of Cray s father will only be discovered by the light of demon fire. In The Crystal Palace, Cray and his friend Feldar Sepwin, a seer, craft a mirror of silver, wood and spider web, enchanted to show the viewer his or her heart s desire. Yet for years the mirror shows nothing for Cray. Then one day he is drawn to it to see the image of a young girl -- but who she is and where she dwells remain a mystery. Over time, as the girl grows into a beautiful woman, Cray discovers her home with the help of demons of Fire, Air and Ice -- a magnificent palace in the realm of Ice. Cray learns that she is Aliza, a sorceress dedicated solely to the study of her craft. And Cray realizes that his quest has just begun -- for Aliza is as much prisoner as mistress of her Crystal Palace, and even Cray might not master the power to break the spell and set her free... This book is ! Contact us if you are looking at more than one item for a combined quote. You can contact us through chat if it shows us available or at

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The Book of Elementals The Saga of the Sorcerer's Son by Phyllis Eisenstein PB N

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the book elementals saga sorcerer 39 s son by phyllis eisenstein pb n



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