Puppy Linux is a small fully

featured Linux distribution. Puppy works swiftly on older systems and is a delight on modern computers including ThinPCs. Puppy boots to a familiar environment for ex-Windows users. Puppy is regularly updated and is well supported and documented. If booting from CD, Puppy carries on working even after the CD is removed. Run Puppy from a flash card, or hard disk or USB keydrive/flash drive or a recordable CD/DVD, saving and updating your files on the CD-R or DVD-R. Puppy boots into as small as a 64MB ramdisk. Puppy runs from RAM memory with applications such as the Seamonkey web browser, AbiWord word processor, gFTP client, Gnumeric spreadsheet and a superior set of programs with more available as simple downloads. Applications start in the blink of an eye and respond to users instantly. This is Linux the way it can be. Puppy can only get bigger but it will be a puppy for ever. So cute. So frisky. So get Puppy! Advantages of Puppy Linux: * Extremely friendly, familiar and fun for those to Linux * Puppy just works with less hassle * Puppy boots up and runs fast in RAM memory, freeing any CD boot drive * Puppy will boot from a minimum PC with 586Mhz CPU and 32Mb RAM * Booting from a CD/ROM takes under 30 seconds * Puppy will easily install to USB, Zip or hard drive media * Puppy can run your operating system, programs and store your data on the same CD-RW * Puppy comes with all the applications needed for daily use * Puppy minimises USB writes to extend boot Flash devices life indefinitely * Puppy contains extensive help files for ALL its programs * Puppy boots right into the desktop without user passwords * Puppy has lots of different versions

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Puppy Linux Complete Tiny Operating System

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puppy linux complete tiny operating system



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