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Atomic Mall....... Up To Buy Now Is: One Boxed game in great Condition Major League Baseball By Mattel The Condition: The Box - The Front panel - a scratch down the left side of the front, some wear in all corners, some light wrinkling. Left side panel - Some wear in corners, Upper front corner is a little dinged. Right side panel - including the edge of the gatefold top - VERY NICE with wrinkling in the upper part causing wrinkles in the gloss, light to medium wear in corners. Bottom side panel - Medium to medium heavy wear in the corners, light wrinkles in the corners. Top side panel - a few wrinkles in the ends of the flap and some wear in the corners. Rear Panel - Light to medium wear throughout, light to medium wrinkling throughout especially along edges and in corners. Cartridge has the usual light wear from it being put in and removed from the game system and some kind of deep gouges on the bottom, label has a small hole in it. The Manual - light to medium wrinkled, but very nice. Game catalog - corner bending and wear, but nice. Overlays - Both have a light wear line down the middle. kind of worn well used. See all photos......... Thank You in advance for your business!!!!! Please ask any questions you may have.......

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Major League Baseball for the Mattel Intellivision , Complete in box....LooK!

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