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feedback from buyer best price High quality product Original Moroccan Argan oil FOR HAIR CARE ONLY 30ml / 1oz HOW TO USE Apply a small amount to clean, towel-dried hair, from mid-length to ends. Blow-dry or let dry naturally. Argan oil® Treatment can be applied to dry hair to tame fly-aways or condition dry ends. ARGAN oil ® ARGAN oil ® is the world s gold standard for Argan oil hair treatment products. Its unique formula, based on the highest concentration of pure Argan oil of any hair care product on the market, will keep your hair shiny, healthy and moistur Argan Oil at a Glance Argan oil comes from the fruit of the Argan tree, indigenous to Morocco. The color of the oil is a bit darker than olive oil with a reddish tint, and its taste is similar to hazelnuts. The pure oil is extracted from the kernels of the Argan fruit via a labor-intensive process. Due to its unique benefits and rare supply, Argan oil is considered one of the best and most expensive oils in the world for a variety of uses: Cuisine: Similar in taste to hazelnuts, many leading chefs around the world use Argan oil to add a special touch to their dishes. Argan oil is considered a "must" when cooking gourmet and oriental food. For example, sprinkling just a few drops of Argan oil on couscous provides a rich nutty aroma and flavor. Cosmetics: Argan oil and its special attributes are well-recognized by the international cosmetics industry. It is rich in vitamin E which feeds, renews, refreshes and relieves the skin, as well as containing essential fatty acids such as Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 which are a natural anti-inflammatory. Major cosmetic companies take advantage of the oil???s unique attributes to produce facial creams and emulsions as well as hair and nail care products. Health and medicine: In light of its composition and healing properties, Moroccans have been using Argan oil for years to reduce cholesterol, stimulate blood circulation and strengthen the body s immune system. In Morocco the oil is also known as a cure for edema, eczema, skin wounds, burns and chicken pox. Argan oil is a highly effective moisturizer for dry skin, stimulating cell renewal. It is also used to reduce wrinkles and stretch marks. The Argan Tree The Argan tree is indigenous to the arid southwest region of Morocco. This thorny tree has a deep root system that is well adapted to the semi-desert environment. Characterized by its toughness, an Argan tree can reach the age of 200. The rare oil produced from the Argan tree, in its purest form, is well-known across the globe for its exceptional quality, and accordingly, its expensive price. Here are some interesting facts you may not know about the Argan tree: Argan fruit seeds ??? The pit of each fruit contains between 1 to 3 almond-shaped kernels. These kernels are used to produce the famous Argan oil used for food, health and cosmetics applications. It takes about 32 kilograms of fruit - roughly one season s produce from a single tree - to make one liter of oil! UNESCO ??? The Organization of Education, Science and Culture of the United Nations ??? UNESCO - declared an area of about 26 million acres situated between the Atlas Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean in Morocco as the Arganeraie Biosphere Reserve. As such, UNESCO funds the activities required to preserve the trees in their natural environment. Berbers ??? The Argan Tree has been known for centuries to the Berbers, who are the indigenous residents of the region in which the trees grow. They have been producing Argan oil by traditional methods for generations. Shape of the tree - Similar in shape to olive trees, the Argan tree is bigger and rounder than its Mediterranean counterpart. Production of the oil ??? For hundreds of years the oil was produced in Morocco using traditional Berber methods devoid of any mechanical means. Mechanical equipment was introduced in place of manual labor in recent years. Today, the whole process is performed using fully automated and advanced equipment. Lobby for tree preservation ??? Due to overgrazing by goats and a wood-hungry local population, the number of Argan trees has decreased to less than half of their number 50 years ago. An international lobby has been formed to support the preservation of the endangered Argan tree. Goats ??? In the old days, goats used to be an essential part of the oil production process. Goats would climb the trees to eat the Argan fruit and spit out or defecate the hard pit, which was later collected by the Berbers. The pits were cracked open and the kernels were used to produce oil.

Cosmetic ARGAN OIL Hair Care Damage Treatments Salon shiny moistur NEW 1oz 30ml

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cosmetic argan oil hair care damage treatments salon shiny moistur 1oz 30ml



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