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your hits - Vendio Gallery Payment | | Additional Information Antique Victorian Knit Crochet Needlework CD 1892! Click to view supersized image The Young Ladies Journal Complete Guide to the Work-table! CD Republication Originally Published 1892! Up for bid is another lovely CD Republication of a marvelous Antique Victorian Fancy Work Needlearts instruction book! From a non-smoking home! Containing Instructions in Berlin Work, Crochet, Drawn-thread Work, Embroidery, Knitting, Knotting or Macrame, Lace, Netting, Poonah Painting and Tatting.With Numerous Illustrations and Coulored Designs. This 149 page re-enactment maker s dream is completely indexed below! This CD item includes DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS, STEEL PLATE ETCHINGS and MANY, MANY PROJECTS to add that genteel Victorian mystique to your home! You may trace these patterns to your fabric at this size or easily enlarge them for larger finished products using a copier machine or other enlargement processes available today. You can see this book will keep you busy a long time making beautiful, dainty, colorful decorative fabric items for you and yours, as gifts or to sell! An excerpt: the little book will at all times be serviceable to ladies who desire to understand the elementary parts of Fancy Work. In addition to plain Directions and perfect Illustrations of the various Stitches and Instructions in different kinds of Fancy Work, The Complete Guide to the WORK-TABLE contains an immense number of useful and elegant Designs for a great variety of articles which are not affected by changes of fashion. There is 17 Chapters for you to expore and get creative with! PLUS, some lovely advertisments to get even more of a feel of the era s cultural perspective! Contents: Chapter I Embroidery Full Directions for Silk, Crewel, and Arransene Work with Diagrams of Stitches Chapter II Crochet Full Directions for Plain and Facy Crochet, Tricot, Hairpin-work, etc Chapter III Guipure Netting Full Directions for Guipure Netting Chapter IV Guipure Netting (continued) Full Directions for Guipure Netting Chapter V Knitting Full Directions for Plain and Fancy Knitting Chapter VI Knitting (continued) Chapter VII Knitting (continued) Chapter VIII Knitting (continued) Chapter IX Point Lace Chapter X Point Lace (continued) Chapter XI Poonah Painting on Velvet, Satin, Silk, Card, Paper or Wood Containing Directions for Cutting and Varnishing Formulas, with Illustrated Diagrams Also Full Instructions to enable Ladies to Paint Flowers, Foliage, Etc Damask Rose and Foliage for Practice Chapter XII Knotting or Macrame Chapter XIII Tatting Chapter XIV Drawn-Thread Work Chapter XV Berlin Work Chapter XVI Fancy Netting Chapter XVII Fancy Netting (continued) Index: BERLIN WORK Brocart de Bourgoyne Chenille Design on Java Diaper Pattern Fancy Stitches Framed Cross Stitch Fringe Fringe of Wool through Canvas Gobelin Introduction Leviathan and Cross Stitch Plait, Cross, and Long Stitches Plait Stitches, A Variety of Point de Fantasie Point Reprise on Java Canvas Raised Berlin Hook Satin, Cross, and Back Stitches Satin Stitch Sofa Cushion Star Pattern, Raised or Plush Stitch Vandyke and Back Stitches CROCHET Basket Pattern, Tricot Chain Stitch Cross Treble Design for Shawls Directions for Holding Work Double Double Foundations Double and Treble Double Treble Edging, Crochet and Hairpin Hook Edging, Crochet and Mignardise Fringe, Fork Work Hairpin Work Half Treble Insertion, Crochet and Fancy Gimp Insertion, Roll Picots and Mignardise Introduction Materials Muscovite Tricot Shell Pattern Single Crochet Treble Tricot Tricot and Treble Trimming Trimming, Crochet and Honiton Braid Trimming, Crochet and Waved Braid Trimming, Hairpin Work Tuft Stitch Wool Ball DRAWN-THREAD WORK, OR POINT COUPE Arminian Lace Trimmings Border, Drawn Threads and Teticella Work Border or Insertion, Drawn Threads and Spun Stitches Border, Interlaced Border, Pyramid, Cross, and Armenian Stitches Borders Cane Pattern Feather or Coral Stitch Herringbone Pattern Insertion or Stripe Introduction Reticella Lace Simple Design EMBROIDERY Applique Arrasene Beading Chain Stitch Choice of Designs Cording Stitch Cotton a la Croix Couching Stitch Covering Joins of Foundations Crewels Description of Coloured Supplement Dot Stitch Feather or Coral Stitch Gold and Silver Thread Herringbone Stitch Interlaced Ground Introduction Italian Stitch Knot Stitch Materials used for Embroidery Needles Paste for Applique Embroidery Satin Stitch Silks Tracing Twisted Stitches Washing Crewel Work KNITTING Bed Rest Bodice, Infant s Boot, Infant s Border for Counterpane Brioche or Patent Cable Cane Work Casting Off Casting On Coral Pattern Cord Counterpane, Borders for Counterpane, Diamond Stripe for Counterpane, Hexagon Counterpane, Square for Counterpane, Stripe for Description of Stitches Diamond Diamond with open Trellis Double Knitting Double Rose Leaf Edging Escallops Fancy Pattern for Socks and Stockings Feather Pattern General Directions Glove, Infant s Herringbone Stripe Implements Insertions Introduction Jaket for Lady Knee Cap Knickeerbocker Stockngs Knit at the Back Knit in the Round Knitting Knit Two in One Knit Two Together Leaf and Trellis Make a Stitch Mat, Brioche Materials Mitten Ovan and Diamond Pattern Pass Slip Stitch Over Patent or Brioch Pence Jug Petticoat, Child s Petticoat, Infant s Petticoat in Stripes Purling or Ribbing Ribbing with Two Pins Shawl, Design for Shawl, Half Square Slip a Stitch Sock, Child s Sock, Gentleman s Stitches, To Raise Stockings, Ladies Winter Stripe for Hem, Top of Stocking, c Stripe with Crochet Edge Tobacco Bag Triangular Kilted Pattern Trimming for Chemise Twisted Bar Stripe Vandyke Pattern Vest, Infant s Wave Pattern KNOTTING OF MACRAME Bar with Knots Cross Knot for open Diamonds Fringe of Two Colours Fringes General Hints Glass-Headed Pins Heading Ribs and Diamonds Heading with Slanting Ribs Knotted Heading of Fringed Threads Lead Cushion Leading Bar with Solomon Knots Macrame Knot Materials Picot Heading Rich Knot with Eight Strands Simple Chain Spherical Knot Spiral Cord Steel Crochet Hooks Tools Required Waved Bar Waved Loop LIMOGES Instructions Stitches used in Limoges OLD POINT Materials for Old Point Old, Point, Directions for POINT AND HONITON Bar Rosette Buttonhole Bars Buttonhole Stitch Backwards, Point de Venise Buttonhole Stitch Looped, Point Ture Buttonhole Stitch, Point d Anvers and Point de Malines Buttonhole Stitch, Point de Bruxelles Buttonhole Stitches, Point de Sorento Cravet End Cross Rosette Directions for Tracing Double leaf with Vein Festoon Joining, Point d Esprit Lace Border Leaf Ornamentation Loos and Twisted Bars, Point d Alencon Materials Mode of Tracing and Sewing on Braid Open Wreath Rosette Ovals in Point Alencon Picots for Bars Pyramid Patter, Irish Stitch Pyramid Rosettes and Ovals Rosette Pattern, Point d Angleterre Rosette Squares Spinning Wheels Squares with Pyramid Scallops, Point d Esprit Rings, c Square with Rings in Point d Esprit and Open Scallops Trefoils Trefoil Rosette Twisted Lace Stitch, Point d Espagne Various Desighs for Filling in Squares Washing, Directions for Wheels with Thread Bars VENETIAN POINT Directions for Working Materials for Venetian Point Trimming NETTING FANCY NETTING Border,Cross Netting, and Twisted Loops Border, Honeycomb and Rose Border, Rose and Sheaf Border, with Bunches of Loops Border, with Double Loose Loops Border, with Round Loop Heading Border, with Trufts and Scalloped Edge Circle, Mode of Beginning Common Netting Cross Netting Curtains Desigh for Antimacassars, Fichus, c Design with Long and Crossed Loops Design for Twisted Loops Diagonal Diamond Pattern Diamond Pattern and Round Netting Doily Edging, Double Fan or Sheaf Fan Pattern Foundation, Interlaced Foundation, with Holes for Embroidery Foundation, with Needlework Fringe Honeycomb Insertion, Rose and Plain Netting Introduction Lappets for Caps Loop Netting Loose Loop Pattern Mitten Neckerchief Night Net Open and Darned Stripe Rose Netting Rose Nettng, Plain and Striped Scallop Square Pattern Star Netting Stripe Netting Tassel and Fringe Trimming, Thick Loops and Fan Edge Trimmings GUIPURE NETTING Angular Edge Circular Foundation Cravat End Double Cross Festoon and Trellis Combination General Remarks Guipure in Relief Implements Introduction Knot for Joining Mesh Mushroom Stitch Needle, To Fill Netting, Directions for Oblong Picots Points Croise, Cross Stitch Point d Esprit, Festoon Stitch Point de Reprise and Festoon Point de Toile, Trellis Stitch Point Evantail, Fan Stitch Point Reprise or Darning Stitch Pyramid Quarter Square Scallops Slanting Spinning Stitch and Wheels Square Square Foundations S Stitch Star or Radii Sturrup Trellis and Wheels Combination Tufted Buttonhole Wire Frame POONAH PAINTING Diagram of Coloured Design for Damask Rose Directions, General Directions for Painting on Silks and Satins of Light Shades Formulas Mixing Colours Painting on Paper Painting on Velvet Preparations for Painting on Wood Varnish TATTING Designs for Square Doilys, c Edging with Beads Edging with Two Threads Insertion Insertion and Trimming Introduction Josephine Knot Picot Ring and Pin Rosette Rosette in Progress Shuttle Square Stitches Tatting wit Two Shuttles To Wash Work Basket Ornament As you can see from the contents and the listing collage there are scores and scores of Victorian Era fancywork instructions, illustrations and color study plates for making the delightful items shown in the listing picture and more! What a historically educational and delightful art instructional piece this is! The ladies of earlier times put their hands to such marvelous work and now you can too! These are beautiful items and sure to delight you and yours! These instructions are very clear and easy to follow and yet the experience needleworker will be capable of altering as per individual needs and artistic whim. The antique and vintage threads, fabrics, needles, hooks, etc., can be found on Atomic Mall quite readily. You just have to hunt a little bit! :) Or, of course, you can utilize contemporary tools and materials found at a nearby fabric, craft or hobby store… The CD Republication you will receive is representative of the types of needlework expertise of earlier feminine American culture!!! If you re into nostalgia like I am you will have many hours of enjoyment making/recreating vintage/antique needlework items for yourself or others dear to your heart just the way your great-grandmothers did! This information has been scanned onto CD-ROM using the Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format. You may download the latest version of this software quickly at . This is NOT a copy of another CD-ROM. You will receive an ORIGINAL CD reproduction of this resourceful dressmaking item. The text is viewed easily from your computer or you may choose to print each page as you read this amazing item on antique frock making. Every page has been meticulously scanned, cleaned and burned to preserve this ANTIQUE item s information and patterns to CD-ROM! The format of this resource has so many more advantages than the original book. What are the benefits of an antique book CD Republication * Every image and every page has been scanned at a high dpi to produce crystal clear images and you never have to deal with any crumbling old paper! * These scans are completely sizable. You can enlarge and print according to your visual needs! They are reformated in full-page sizing for better viewing of details, etc.! * Each page is saved in PDF format at high resolution and is readily accessible using the downloadable Adobe Acrobat Reader software program. This program is very user friendly and allows you to print any one specific page, pages or the entire CD contents! * Each time you want to use an image, a page or pages you can print it out. Every one will be as crisp and clear as the last! * YOU WILL FIND YOUR CD REPUBLICATION HAS A HUGE ADVANTAGE OVER A BOUND HARDCOPY PAPER REPRODUCTION, IN THAT, IF YOU SPILL COFFEE, TEA OR SODA ON YOUR PRINTED PAGE(S) YOU CAN JUST PRINT ANOTHER! * A CD REPUBLICATION PROVIDES YOU WITH UNLIMITED CLEAN COPIES FOREVER! * Each CD-ROM comes in a PROTECTIVE CASE! Curious about the quality of these scans Please contact me and I will forward an image for your own personal inspection! Scale it, edit it, print it to fit your needs and you are surely going to be quite pleased with the results! You will appreciate the attention taken in providing a TOP QUALITY PRODUCT that you will use for many years to come... Payment: I prefer Paypal but also accept Bidpay, money orders or personal check. Shipping: Within the United States: $3.50 USPS. Out-of-country (including Canada): $4.50. Insurance is optional and runs $1.30 per $50 increments per shipment. Combined is available for all Dakota Prairie Auctions ending within 48 hours. Bead and CD auctions are shipped separately in order to insure they arrive in the very best condition at their home! You may opt to purchase insurance to cover your item. INSURANCE is optional. We offer our own private insurance for items up to $25 in value and postal insurance for items over $25 value. Copyright restrictions: All Dakota Prairie Treasures CD products, designs images are manufactured, copyrighted owned by us (as is all listing text photos). CD designs or images, or any part thereof, may NOT be reproduced, used in lessons or duplicated in any media format to be resold or shared (either individually, as a package, as machine embroidery products, etc.) without Dakota Prairie Treasures prior written consent. You are permitted to use our products information for needlecraft items you make for yourself, as gifts, or for items you may produce to sell. However, the original designs images remain the exclusive legal property of Dakota Prairie Treasures. Any all violations will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Returns are allowed for replacement on CD products due to manufacturing defects only. Standard USPS charges to the United States on individual items are as follows: Bead Hank - $1.50, CD Republications - $3.50 unless otherwise noted, Soft Cover Republications - $4.50 unless otherwise noted. Canada and other out-of-country sales are: CD republications - $4.50, Soft Cover republication - by weight and country of residence, bead hank - $1.75. If you win multiple auctions, you will receive a 50%discount on all additional purchases beyond your initial purchase in a combined email invoice. Payment Back to Top Payment: Within-the-USA customers: I prefer Paypal but also accept Bidpay, money orders or personal check. Out-of-country customers: I prefer Paypal but also accept International Money Order. I accept the following forms of payment: PayPal Money Order Personal Check Western Union Auction Payments Money Order & Handling Back to Top USA customers: I prefer Paypal but also accept money order or personal check. International customers: must contact me prior to remitting payment for exact s/h/p fee and payment is accepted via Paypal, Bidpay or international money order only. Buyer to contact me within 3 days of auction close. All payments must be received within 10 days following close of auction(s). Email address for Paypal payments will be included following the close of the auction. Thank you! $3.50 USPS First Class $4.50 Airmail to Canada $4.50 International Air Letter Post Additional Information Back to Top image hosting (including supersized) with Vendio Sales Manager.Make your listings stand out with Vendio custom templates! Listing automation and scheduled listings by Vendio. On May-12-06 at 12:41:26 PDT, seller added the following information: Dakota Prairie Treasures Dakota Prairie Treasures

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