Rated Voltage AC 220V 75W Rated

Output: 75W Input water Pressure: 0.1Mpa ~ 0.4Mpa Water Resource: Municipal water/Water without pollution Max Purified water out: 400G/1514 liter. Specification: Machine Size: 18*40*48 (CM) Packing Size: 33*38*43 (CM) Gross Weight: 15KG Packing List: (Please Measure how long the pipe will be) 400G main machine (Including: 400G reverse osmose membrane) Luxury trigeminal water tap 1pc Filter Shell Wrench 1pc Membrane Shell Wrench 1pc Stainless Three-way 1pc 3 Micron ball valve 1PC Clip for waste water 1pc 2 Micron Pipe 5m 3 micron Pipe 2m Parts kit: 1 kit Filters: 5micronsPPF filter- Granular activated carbon- 1micronPPF- RO reverse osmosis membrane- Post antibacterial activated carbon filter Work Flow: 1 first Stage, 5 micron PPF Filter, Remove Greater than 5Microns, Sand, Rust, silt, etc;life time: About 9tons. Suggested period to replace: 3-6 Months. If water quality poor, when used about 3months, you have to replace it, then the filter after this one can list long life time!. 2, second Stage: Granular Activated Carbon Filter, Remove/adsorption odor, Residual material by Disinfection from water supply and purification plant. Life time: 12tons of water. Suggested period to replace: 6-12 months. 3, third Stage: 1 micron PPF filter, remove suspended solids larger than 1 micron in water and other substances. Lifetime: 12tons of water Suggested Period to replace: 6-12 months 4, Fourth Stage: RO reverse osmosis membrane, It can effectively remove the water bacteria, heavy metals,salts, organic matter and other solutes and when water treatment chemicals added in. 5,Post antibacterial activated carbon filter, Improve water taste,inhibit bacterial growth, to prevent secondary pollution of water, keeping water fresh.Being Made through the reverse osmosis membrane filtration water is of bacteria,harmful substances,minerals flowing water,oxygen-rich, with good taste.

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RO 400G water system 2pcs selling

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ro 400g water system 2pcs selling



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