Does your business rely on company

ehicles? How much time and money could you save by knowing where each vehicle is at any time so that you could dispatch the closest vehicle quickly? Would you like to know where your employees go during their work day, if they are where they are supposed to be and are they using your vehicle for personal business? Would you like to be able to locate a stolen or missing vehicle? Or do you have a teen or elderly driver that you would like to monitor to make sure they are safe? Many parent of teen drivers monitor their childs driving to make sure they are using safe speeds and staying in their allowable areas. Families with elderly drivers take comfort that if they get lost or confused they can be tracked and assisted. Most of all, would you like to be able to do this easily and economically? The u-TRAQ Auto from Technology Solutions is the solution for the business owner or manager who wants to be able to manage their company s vehicles and employees more efficiently. The u-TRAQ Auto is a simple device that plugs into the OBD (On Board Diagnostic) port found on most vehicles made since 1996, so simple to install you can do it yourself in minutes, saving on big installation costs. It can even be moved from one vehicle to another if needed! You then monitor your vehicles location using a private web site that is accessible from any internet connected computer or smartphone. There are two different monthly service plans available, basic and advanced to meet any need you company has. There are no long term contracts required. Both plans feature a daily heartbeat signal, have the ability to monitor engine on and off times, are able to Locate Now, have email notifications for 3 user defined Alert Zones and 1 Speed Alert and 60 days of history. The basic plan has Track Now, which allows you to request reporting for a one hour period with location tracking every five minutes. The advanced plan gives you location tracking every five minutes whenever the ignition is on. The u-TRAQ Auto device has a one time SALE PRICE of $195.00, down from normal price of $229.99! The basic plan is $15.00 per month and the advanced plan is $25.00 per month. Each plan has a $25.00 set up fee. If your company needs more than one vehicle monitored we offer SIGNIFICANT discounts on the price of the u-TRAQ Auto device and the monthly service plan depending on how many you need. Please contact Technology Solutions to get a quote on our great quantity rates! We now have a live demo of the online software available! Go to to see it in action! Use as the email and demo1234 as the password.

u-TRAQ Auto GPS Vehicle Tracking System

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u traq auto gps vehicle tracking system



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