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Animations Volume 1 DVD Labor Relations, Electrical Generation, Stock Market, Dangers of Communism and More This fascinating DVD is a collection of short animated advertising films made in the 1940's and 1950's. The collection explores a wide variety of areas of life at that time including how electricity is generated and how it is a key to our essential freedoms, how the average person can put the stock market to work for him to generate additional money to buy the finer things in life and several cold war films teaching the average American why capitalism and hard work is better than communism. All in all an excellent collection demonstrating the mood and thinking of the times. Here are all the films that make up this fascinating collection: Freedom and Power / 1952 Animated film that shows how electricity has helped grow America from its roots of independence to a great powerhouse. The film is broken into two parts. The first part shows how the settlement of America was dependent on power of various sorts and the second half of the film concentrates on what electricity is doing for the modern 1950's family. It ends by showing the house of the future. Producer : Wolff (Raphael G.) Studios, Inc. Audio/Visual : Sound, Color Run Time : 25:34 What Makes Us Tick / 1952 Animation showing how the stock market is creating great prosperity across America. It shows how the typical American can enjoy the finer things in life by the proper use of credit and investment. Producer : Sutherland (John) Productions Audio/Visual : Sound, Color and Black White Run Time : 11:35 Working Dollars / 1957 This animated film shows how the stock market works and talks about Monthly Investment plans as a smart way to invest in your future. Producer : Sutherland (John) Productions, Inc.. Audio/Visual : Sound, Black White Run Time : 10:44 Going Places / 1948 This film shows the glory of profit. Follow the story of Freddie Fudsie who has a simple goal. He wants to spend his life relaxing and fishing. He invents a bar of soap and makes enough money to reach that goal but meets a women and falls in love and grows a family. Which means he needs more money to live his lifestyle. So instead of spending life fishing, he is working hard, making lots of money and making America stronger by his profit driven work ethic. Producer : Sutherland (John) Productions, Inc. Audio/Visual : Sound, Color Run time : 8:33 It's Everybody's Business / 1954 This is a cartoon about American consumption and how money works. It shows how money earned goes to making purchases and paying taxes so the government can do all the good things it does to make our life better. Producer : Sutherland (John) Productions, Inc. Audio/Visual : Sound, Color Run Time : 19:53 Make Mine Freedom / 1948 This is a film highlighting the dangers of communism. It shows a salesperson going around selling bottles of Ism to a variety of people promising them that they will have all they desire once the swallow their Ism and give up their freedom to the state as the parent. Producer : Sutherland (John) Productions Audio/Visual : Sound, Color Run Time : 9:30 Meet King Joe / 1949 This animation shows America's industrial might and how that might has translated into its citizen's ability to buy all the good things in life. It has statistics like Americans owning 92% of the worlds bathtubs, almost all the refrigerators ever manufactuered, 72% of the cars in the world, etc. Producer : Sutherland (John) Productions, Inc. Audio/Visual : Sound, Color Run Time : 9:26 Why Play Leap Frog? / 1949 This animation shows how the economy works from taking inexpensive raw materials and turning them into more costly finished products. It shows how the money from a retail sale trickles down the chain to the manufacturer with everyone getting a piece and how some of that extra money that was created is used to invest in even greater productivity and even greater profits to be shared by all those who participate. Producer : Sutherland (John) Productions, Inc. Audio/Visual : Sound, Color Run Time: 9:39 Please visit Our About Me Page to Learn More about Us! This product is a DVD. It is region so it can play on DVD players anywhere in the world. All our DVDs are professionally produced and packaged in DVD cases. This allows you to easily store them with your DVD collection. Our DVDs are designed to play on all home DVD players and all computer DVD players. They are region free, NTSC productions. 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Vintage Stock Market, Cold War, Communism, Retirement More Animated Ads DVD A47

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vintage stock market cold war communism retirement more animated ads dvd a47



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