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of the Day 1955 DVD Universal Newsreels Including Ike Proposing Open Skies, Tour de France, Nike Radar Base, York Concept Car Show, Chicago Airplane Crash, B-52 Goes Into Service, X-1 Rocket Plane, Steelers Vs Rams Game, 11 POW Hostages Freed and Much More Be sure to check out our News of the Day DVD Collection in our Store (Links open in a window) Before the TV was commonplace, people saw the news at their local movie theaters. Newsreels were shown before feature films and at dedicated newsreel movie theaters in larger cities.These vintage Universal Newsreel collections are a way to glimpse special events of the past. A note on quality: Newsreels were not preserved with the same care as much other old film footage. Although most of the footage is of very good quality, this collection may have portions that are silent or have degraded audio or video. This collection includes the year of 1955 and has a run time of 1 hour 26 minutes on 1 DVD. Some of the news items covered in this collection include: Ike proposes Open Skies "a precedent-shattering proposal" to verify disarmament with aerial photographs; Air show in Moscow, with Bison bomber, helicopters; Tour de France bike race; running of the bulls in Pamplona Spain; Chicago Nike base, ocean radar earling warning Texas tower 100 miles off east coast being constructed; Car show in NY of idea cars; Northeast Devastated by Floods; French troops pour into Algeria and Morocco "as revolt spreads throughout North Africa"; Chicago air crash killing 22 of 43 aboard; B-52 goes into service; X-1 rocket plane test drop; rocket sled tests at Edwards AF base, dummies ejected from rocket sled in slow motion; Steelers vs Rams preseason night game; 11 fliers cross bridge to Hong Kong from B-29 shot down, on leaflet-dropping mission, led by Col. John Arnold; and much more Here are some sample clips from the DVD Please visit Our About Me Page to Learn More about Us! This product is a DVD. It is region so it can play on DVD players anywhere in the world. All our DVDs are professionally produced and packaged in DVD cases. This allows you to easily store them with your DVD collection. Our DVDs are designed to play on all home DVD players and all computer DVD players. They are region free, NTSC productions. Please be aware that in many instances, the master films of these old films are not of the same quality as a modern mega-million dollar production and from time to time, you may notice small quality imperfections that you would not see in a modern production. View Our Other Products: To view a listing of all our hundreds of products currently available, click the link below: View All Products<-- (Note: This will open a browser window. ) and Handling: We offer a variety of options via USPS. All options/shipping fees for your country are detailed in the listing tab or when you check out. We ship in the United States and many international locations. A special note to our international customers: We only charge costs on our items (and fees from the US are regrettably really that expensive.) We do not collect customs or any other country specific duties. Any such fees owed are your responsibility when the item arrives at your location. is generally completed within one business day of purchase. Payment options: Our payment processor is PayPal Guarantee : All items are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee. Only the purchase price is refunded. is not refunded. Item must be sent back at buyer's expense and buyer must include the auction ID and method of payment with the item to receive a refund. xygooberpie123 Feedback: We give positive feedback to all our paying customers at the time your product is shipped. To purchase your DVD for immediate delivery, just click on the Buy It Now button at the bottom of the page. Product and Product Advertisement Copyright THA Media LLC - All Rights Reserved

Vintage Newsreels 1955 Tour de France B-52 X-1 Rocket Steelers V Rams More A593

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vintage newsreels 1955 tour de france b 52 x 1 rocket steelers v rams more a593



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