Ubuntu 9 4 Desktop Edition is

esigned for the pervasively connected digital lifestyle. With 3G network support, users can move smoothly from wired and WiFi networks onto 3G cellphone networks while traveling. Ubuntu 9.4 is also built to be shared - users can start a quick "guest session" on the fly and let someone use their computer to surf the web or check email, while maintaining the security and integrity of their own data. And if that person really enjoys their brief session as an Ubuntu guest, they can put Ubuntu on any USB key and take it home to install on their own computer rather than having to burn a CD. "Ubuntu 9.4 sees us lay the groundwork for a radically different, more mobile, desktop computing environment over the next two years," says Jane Silber, COO of Canonical and head of Online Services for Canonical. "Our rapid release cycle means we can deliver the elements to support this future faster, more fully realised, and more attractively packaged than the traditional OS vendors. Ubuntu 9.4 has many features that sign-post how Linux will provide the drive and innovation in desktop computing."

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Ubuntu 9.4 2009 32 BIT Linux Complete Operating System

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ubuntu 9 4 2009 32 bit linux complete operating system



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