Tropical Rhythms Sorrel and Ginger Juice

a unique non-alcoholic beverage that brings both flavor and refreshment to the table! Tropical Rhythms Sorrel and Ginger Juice contains no fat and only about 150 calories per serving. It is made with the finest ingredients that include: water, sugar, sorrel, natural sorrel powder, ginger, rum flavoring, and coloring. Tropical Rhythms Sorrel and Ginger juice is uniquely refreshing and absolutely tasty, something similar to that of a rum punch but with out the nasty effects of a hang over and kids can enjoy it too since it is alcohol free! The sorrel flavor, which is derived from a perennial herb and provides a sharp taste, mixed with that of the ginger, which is a form of rhizome commonly used in teas, can now be enjoyed as a cold beverage on a hot afternoon. Tropical Rhythms Sorrel and Ginger comes packaged in a glass, 16 ounce sized bottle, which features a safety pop up lid to ensure its freshness and air tight seal. Great for on the go, as the lid can be tightened back on, to avoid leakage and spillage. Tropical Rhythms Sorrel and Ginger is also quite commonly used top settle upset stomachs and to avoid heat cramps as the products in it work as natural antacids. Place your order now for your own Tropical Rhythms Sorrel and Ginger Juice and see what the buzz is all about!

Tropical Rhythms Sorrel And Ginger Juice 16 oz

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tropical rhythms sorrel ginger juice 16 oz



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