Tropical Rhythms Guava Carrot Juice is

halked full of vitamins and minerals and tastes delicious! The unique combination of flavoring provided by the mixing of the sweet tasting, super fruit known as the guava, and the naturally occurring sweetness of the carrot is second to none. A truly tantalizing experience for the taste buds! Tropical Rhythms Guava Carrot Juice has been tried, tested, and approved by households all over including kids and adults alike! Tropical Rhythms Guava Carrot Juice is produced by Grace Foods which is one of Jamaicas best known family brands and has been providing quality foods and products for generations. Tropical Rhythms Guava Carrot Juice contains about four times the amount of vitamin C to that found in a regular orange and also contains a healthy amount of dietary fiber, as well as folic acid, potassium, manganese, and beta carotenes. It is good to help reduce the effects of constipation, scurvy, and helps to reduce obesity as well. Tropical Rhythms Guava Carrot Juice is not only healthy and nutritious but it is also absolutely delicious! When drinking it one, can almost hear the beat of the Jamaican drums lightly being tapped upon! The sound of the tropical rhythms is definitely in the air! Get some for yourself and treat your mouth to a and refreshing experience, Tropical Rhythms Guava Carrot juice, an exotic destination!

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Tropical Rhythms Guava Carrot Juice 16 oz

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tropical rhythms guava carrot juice 16 oz



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