Tropical Fantasy Apple Cocktail juice is

delicious and refreshing blend of apples, crisp, fragrant and thirst quenching. Excellent served cold over ice on a hot summer day. Tropical Fantasy Apple Cocktail is owned and bottled by a small family run company since 1936 and it became extremely popular in the 1990s. As they say, an apple a day, keeps the doctor away, why not enjoy your healthy serving of apple as a drink! Easy to digest and good for bone growth. Tropical Fantasy Apple Cocktail juice comes conveniently packaged in a plastic eco-friendly sized bottle with an easy twist off, twist on lid, which makes it extremely easy to tote to the gym in your bag or throw in the back seat of your car. Kids and grown ups agree, that Tropical Fantasy Apple Cocktail is both refreshing and tastes great! Tropical Fantasy Apple cocktail is high in vitamin C and A, it is a soft drink beverage and therefore is carbonated with sparkling bubbles that enrich the sensation. Tropical Fantasy Apple Cocktail Juice is also a good flush for the liver and kidneys and is high in potassium and phyto-nutrients. The apples are picked ripe and then macerated and pressed to release their freshly squeezed juices. Try Tropical Fantasy Apple Cocktail today! Also works great to add flavor to certain dishes and when used in cooking in place of regular water or other fruit or vegetable juices.

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Tropical Fantasy Apple Cocktail Juice 24 oz

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tropical fantasy apple cocktail juice 24 oz



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