Tropical Ecuadorian Strawberry Soda is made

y the brand name Tropical, and is imported from Ecuador itself. It is a distinctly colored pink soda with carbonated bubbles that give Tropical Ecuadorian Strawberry Soda its typical soda pop qualities, however with the unique flavor of Ecuadorian Strawberries! This beverage comes in a 2 liter sized bottle and can be identified by the bright yellow label with the Tropical name branding and of course by the bright pink color of the liquid content inside. Kids love the flavor of Tropical Ecuadorian Strawberry soda which almost has the taste to something like cotton candy. It is sweet and fruity and provides children with fuel for their energy tanks. Tropical Ecuadorian Strawberry Soda is great as a soft drink or to use as an alternative in recipes. Use is to substitute for water when making Jell-O to create a and exciting twist, or incorporate it into dessert recipes to add some extra sweetness and color, it is especially good in strawberry cake recipes. Tropical Ecuadorian Strawberry Soda is also especially good for making floats. Simply add a scoop of your favorite ice cream to it. The ice cream melts to help reduce some of the carbonation creating a smooth ice cold treat thats hard to beat! Try this unique flavor that only Tropical Ecuadorian Strawberry Soda provides and let your pucker decide!

Tropical Ecuadorian Strawberry Soda 2 Lt - Soda De Fresa

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tropical ecuadorian strawberry soda 2 lt soda de fresa



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