Strawberry Soda You betcha Tropical Ecuadorian

Strawberry Soda can now comes in the convenience size of a twelve pack of 12 ounce cans. Great to grab and go! Tropical Ecuadorian Strawberry Soda in a can combines the unique sweetness of fresh Ecuadorian strawberries, which is there number one export, and the refreshing tingle of regular soda to bring you a truly delightful sweet treat! The carbonation of the water allows for the flavors of the sweet strawberries to dance on your tongue and eases the dryness of any thirst! Best served cold, or over ice, Tropical Ecuadorian Strawberry Soda in a can also makes great desserts and one must try it with a scoop of ice cream, for an absolutely delicious float or milkshake! Tropical Ecuadorian Strawberry Soda can is recognized by its unique pink color and is produced by Tropical out of Ecuador. The individual cans allow for everybody to have their own and theres no need to worry about pouring it into glasses or making extra dirty dishes. The cans are made out of aluminum have an easy to open push tab, and are recyclable through out most parts of the world. They come conveniently packaged in a small box which makes it easy for them to be carried and transported around. Tropical Ecuadorian Strawberry Soda can, a unique and refreshing play on soda pop!

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Tropical Ecuadorian Strawberry Soda 12 oz (12 Pack)

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tropical ecuadorian strawberry soda 12 oz 12 pack



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