Ecuadorian apple taste now in a

bottle big enough to share! Tropical Ecuadorian Apple Soda bottle has the distinct taste of fresh pressed Ecuadorian apples, combined with the sparkling bubbly effervescence of carbonated water to bring you a high quality refreshment that is sure to please even the most choosiest soda pop drinkers. Tropical Ecuadorian Apple Soda bottle comes in a variety of sizes now including the family sized two liter bottle that is perfect for taking to birthday parties or on family outings. It comes in a plastic bottle so it is lightweight and easy to carry. You don t need to worry about the bottle breaking either! Tropical Ecuadorian Apple Soda bottle is processed in such a way to ensure a fresh tasting, crisp apple flavor every time! It goes great to wash down that sandwich at lunch or enjoy as a refreshing treat to sip after dinner, before bed. Tropical Ecuadorian Apple Soda bottle is easy to recognize by its well distinguished orange coloring and the orange bottle that it comes in. It contains all the authentic flavors and taste of Ecuador! Tropical Ecuadorian Apple Soda bottle not only provides high quality refreshments but at a low cost price! Affordable for all families so they can enjoy the great taste of Tropical Ecuadorian Apple Soda! Place your order today and experience the culture and foreign flavors of Ecuador!

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Tropical Ecuadorian Apple Soda 2 Lt - Soda De Manzana

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tropical ecuadorian apple soda 2 lt soda de manzana



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