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for a complete 8 channel EL-M HD Series surveillance system. This package includes: 8 Channel H.264 EL-M HD Series DVR with 250GB hard drive 8 Indoor / Outdoor weatherproof high resolution infrared vandal dome security cameras 2 4 channel switching power supplies 8 power leads 8 Plug and Play Cables 3 Year Warranty on the DVR 1 Year Warranty on the Cameras and Accessories The EL Mini HD Series DVR sets the standard for entry-level video surveillance. This unit is a scaled-down version of our full sized EL Series DVRs and utilizes H.264 video compression just like the EL. This DVR includes many advanced features that are not found in ANY entry level unit, and some that are not even found in most professional high-end DVRs. The included 720p HDMI output can be used simultaneously with the built-in VGA and BNC monitor outputs to provide you with the flexibility you need. The VGA outputs can support up to a 1280 x 1024 resolution, while the HDMI output offers a full 720p High-Definition resolution. The EL Mini HD Series DVR can also record real-time video at 352 x 240 (CIF) resolution on all channels while channels 1 and 9 can record 704 x 480 in real time! Use these channels to capture super high quality footage in areas of high importance such as cash registers or main entrances. The EL Mini HD also features an advanced network sub-stream function. This function allows you to set a lower resolution and frame rate for Internet and network viewing while still recording at a higher frame rate and resolution at the DVR. This function lets you have a smoother remote streaming experience without sacrificing the quality of the recorded video. This is an extremely high-end feature that, in the past, has only been available on our LT Series DVRs. In addition to the built-in Internet Explorer browser support, a and improved Client Software is included with each DVR. This software is backward compatible with all our EL and LT Series DVRs. This allows you to seamlessly integrate the EL Mini HD into your existing surveillance system. Considering all the high-end functionality of the EL Mini HD Series, you will not find another DVR in the industry that compares. 8 Indoor/Outdoor High Resolution Infrared Domes This is the most versatile security camera available. You can use this camera in almost any environment and lighting situation. It features a Sharp color CCD with a 3.6 mm lens and 420 TVL resolution to provide great detail. This camera is a day/night model that can automatically switch from color daytime viewing to infrared night time viewing allowing you to see in total darkness. This camera is a vandal dome with an IP66 weather rating so it can be installed indoors or outdoors. Vandal IR Dome Camera Sharp color CCD 420TVL IP66 Outdoor Rated 50 Feet IR Distance Auto Backlight Compensation 3.6mm Japanese Lens Power 12V DC 110V Distribution Box For 8 Cameras 12 Volt DC transformer 110 Volt input 4 Amp continuous current Beige Housing

Techvision 8 Channel EL-M DVR and Cameras Package

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techvision 8 channel el m dvr cameras package



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