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29 and X-15 Documentary Film Library DVD This DVD contains several films related to the famous B-29 and X-15 military planes. The films also include footage of several other classic military planes like the B-25 and the C-74 and many others. Here are all the films that make up this historical collection: Target Tokyo From Saipan B-29 Base, 1944/11/27 (1944) (1) Target Tokyo From Saipan B-29 Base - "Saipan (1,500 miles below Tokio) was seized by the Americans in June of this year. Since that time the Seabees and Aviation Engineers have been industriously re-shaping the face of the coral island, laying out a tremendous airfield. Coral hills are blasted into particles, then 'bull dozed' and trucked to the air field site, where they are rolled and hard packed. Then an asphalt surface is given the gigantic strip. In Washington, Gen. Hap Arnold sends a B-29 Super-Fortress on its way. Next we see it arriving at Saipan. The first of a mighty air fleet whose exploits over Japan are already becoming daily occurances." scenes of Saipan B-29 base built; B-29 bomber lands; loads bomb signed by soldiers, takes off; map shows attack on Japan; (2) Hull Honored By Variety Clubs - "Washington, DC: The retiring Sec. of State Cordell Hull is named the 'outstanding humanitarian of the year' by the Variety Clubs of America. Sec. Edward Stettinius in a fitting speech, accepts the award for Mr. Hull." (3) Negro Nurses In Britain - "A detachment of negro Army nurses arrive in England, to be greeted with good old American coffee and doughnuts. Then they entrain for assignment where required." (4) Eisenhower Tours Front - "General Eisenhower visits the 29th U.S. Division at the battle front, accompanied by Gen. Omar Bradley. They both display that sincere charm which produces such intense loyalty and devotion in their armies. later, Gen. Eisenhower is greeted by the Belgian cabinet in Brussels ... then he places a wreath at their Unknown Soldier's tomb." (5) Churchill Visits French Army Sector - "Winston Churchill and his daughter Mary, visit the French First Army in the company of Charles de Gaulle, just prior to the powerful French offensives in their battle sector." scenes of the soldiers in snow; (6) Ohio State 18 Michigan 14 - "Columbus, Ohio: 72,000 fans watch Ohio State win Big Ten championship as their backfield puts on an all-star performance against Michigan." The End - Buy Bonds. Production Company: Universal Studios Audio/Visual: silent, Black White Birth of the B-29 (1945) Learn how the B-29 was designed, manufactured and tested. Producer: U.S. Army Air Forces Audio/Visual: Sound, Black White Run time: 20:06 Operation Crossroads (1946) A documentary about the Able Day and Baker Day blasts of the atomic bomb tests at Bikini Island in the Pacific.The film looks at the tests from a variety of different angles with aerial cameras being used to record the blasts from various aspects. The footage begins with B-29 aircraft "Dave's Dream" dropping an atomic bomb on Bikini Atoll and continues by showing the explosive effects of the bomb as it unfolds. Producer: Jam Handy Organization Audio/Visual: Sound, Black White Run time: 26:36 Special Delivery (1946) This Air Force film shows a variety of military jets and bombers with a primary emphasis on dropping an atomic bomd on the Bikini Atoll as part of Operation Crossroads. Some of the planes in this film: "B-25 Mitchell" "XF 12" "XP 84", "XB 35" C-74, B-29, aerial shots of it dropping atomic bombs Producer: U.S. Army Air Forces Audio/Visual: Sound, Black White Run time: 11:49 X-15 Aloft. First Flight Of Manned Space Plane, 1959/06/11 Edwards AFB B-52 takes X-15 aloft under its wing, is "cut loose over Mojave Desert" landed by Scott Crossfield (2) Connecticut - Groton CT launch of USS George Washington Polaris sub (partial newsreel) Production Company: Universal Studios Audio/Visual: sound, Black White Ike Returns. Thousands Hail Him at Capital, 1955/11/14 1) Ike returns from 7-week hospital stay in Denver, speaks at Washington airport; also parade held in Gettysburg, crowd sings happy birthday to Mamie (2) B-52 goes into service (partial newsreel) Production Company: Universal Studios Audio/Visual: sound, Black White Nuclear Navy. First Polaris A-Sub Sails On Ocean Patrol, 1960/11/17 (1) (poor quality) At Charleston SC, USS George Washington is first Polaris sub, with 16 missiles, prepares for its first operational mission (2) Discoverer 17 satellite launched from Vandenberg, capsule snatched from sky by Flying Boxcar (3) Edwards AFB in California - X-15 dropped from B-52 at 40,000 ft., pilot Scott Crossfield, skid landing Production Company: Universal Studios Audio/Visual: sound, Black White H-Bomb Blast Exploded at 15,000 Feet Over Pacific, 1956/05/24 1) Bikini test for H-Bomb again, dropped by B-52 from 55,000 ft to explode at 15,000 ft. (2) "Supersonic Sled" rocket sled test, dummy ejected (3) "Kid Stuff" - Brookfield Zoo animals (4) Seattle fishing resort "for little Isaac Waltons" - conservation (5) junior rodeo Production Company: Universal Studios Audio/Visual: sound, Black White X-15 Space Record. Plane Flown To 59-mile Mark, 1962/07/19 (1) B-52 with X-15 takes off from Edwards AFB, drops X-15 and burns for 81 seconds, pictures from space, landing by Major White, flew at 3700 mph, 4 pilots get Collier trophy at White House (2) Thor rocket launches Echo balloon (3) HEW Secy Selabrizi replacing Ribicoff (4) Ike trip abroad as private citizen on liner Queen Elizabeth (5) Algeria feud between leaders Production Company: Universal Studios Audio/Visual: sound, Black White Operations Crossroads Underway, 1946/07/01 "Events leading Up To The Epochal Blast - Last-minute preparations for the atom bomb test at Bikini Atoll! See the planes, the ships and the men who took part in Operation Crossroads! The famed B-29, 'Dave's Dream,' takes off from Kwajalein as the entire world waits to hear that three ships were sunk and many others damaged as the fourth atom bomb in history was exploded. The results have as yet not been completely evaluated." scenes of ships positioned around lagoon, air crews briefed, Superfortresses on Kwajalein are specially marked, Dave's Dream plane ready to drop atomic bomb on Bikini atoll. (partial newsreel) Production Company: Universal Studios Audio/Visual: sound, Black White Please visit Our About Me Page to Learn More about Us! This product is a DVD. It is region so it can play on DVD players anywhere in the world. All our DVDs are professionally produced and packaged in DVD cases. This allows you to easily store them with your DVD collection. Our DVDs are designed to play on all home DVD players and all computer DVD players. They are region free, NTSC productions. Please be aware that in many instances, the master films of these old films are not of the same quality as a modern mega-million dollar production and from time to time, you may notice small quality imperfections that you would not see in a modern production. 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B-29 Superfortress, X-15, B-52, B-25, C-74 Flying Wing Film Collection DVD - A95

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