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the original Suero Oral Electrolyte Solution, but now infused with the great taste of refreshing coconut! Suero Oral Electrolyte Solution Coconut Drink is a combination of water, vitamins, and minerals that are specially formulated to balance out the bodys fluids and isotonic electrolyte balance. Suero Oral Coconut Drink is soothing and refreshing and contains higher than average levels of potassium due to the coconut presence. Suero Oral Electrolyte Solution Coconut Drink has been pasteurized, and is highly recommended for those suffering from dehydration due to sickness such as sunstroke, vomiting or diarrhea. During the presence of these two factors, a lot of body fluids, and water can be lost, Suero Oral Coconut helps to replace these lost fluids, ensuring that your body is getting a healthy dose of the nutrients it requires. Suero Oral Electrolyte Solution Coconut Drink is already specially formulated for you and is easily consumed as a drink beverage. Simply replace your water or juice with this hydrating formula and sip away and you ll be good to go. Safe for the whole family! Suero Oral Electrolyte Solution Coconut Drink is great to keep on hand and has a long lasting shelf life. Suero Oral Coconut Drink is a taste temptation, providing a refreshing tropical, exotic, coconut flavor, no more bad tasting medicine, and it works! Order your one liter sized bottle of Oral Coconut Drink today and taste the difference!

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SueroOral Electrolyte Solution Coconut 1 Lt

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suerooral electrolyte solution coconut 1 lt



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