Suero Oral Electrolyte Solution Apple is

a rejuvenating, hydrating apple flavored drink beverage ,packed full of replenishing electrolytes! Suero Oral Electrolyte Solution Apple is a specially formulated beverage that consists of electrically charged ions that your body loses when sweating excessively, is overheated or loses these ions due to illness that may be caused by vomiting or diarrhea. Suero Oral Apple Drink is also enriched with important vitamins and minerals, such as potassium and sodium, and magnesium, that help to recharge your body and provide 100% maximum hydration. Suero Oral Electrolyte Solution Apple Drink is a great way to prevent sunstroke or dehydration as well. Suero Oral Apple Drink takes great too! While re-energizing your body, Suero Oral Apple Drink provides that cool, crisp, refreshing delight of freshly pressed apples that is sure to stop the thirst and soothe the throat. Suero Oral Electrolyte Solution Apple Drink is an oral saline hydration liquid that acts like a sport drink. It is pasteurized for purity and works great for both children, adults, and the elderly. Suero Oral Apple Drink comes in a convenient one liter size and is good not only for when your working out, but simply as a daily supplement to your diet. Try Suero Oral Electrolyte Solution Apple Drink for yourself and rejuvenate your body. Suero Oral Apple Drink also now comes in a variety of flavors, try them all and pick your favorite!

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Suero Oral Electrolyte Solution Apple 1 Lt

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suero oral electrolyte solution apple 1 lt



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