A fruity wine like drink mix

Senorial Sangria bottle captures the essence of this traditional fruit punch cocktail in a way one cannot compare! Senorial Sangria bottle is a non- alcohol based version of the traditional drink and contains the flavors of orange, apple, pineapple, and citrus flavors that is the ultimate in refreshment! Senorial Sangria has been satisfying the craving of customers for this concoction since 1960 and is made in Mexico ensuring the authentication of its traditional taste. Senorial Sangria bottle comes in a 16 ounce plastic bottle that can be resealed for freshness and taken with you for wherever you may have to go! Its great for when you are in a hurry but need something to wet your whistle! The combination of the fruit flavors paired with that of a wine like taste is truly unique and appetizing. Senorial Sangria bottle consists of pressed apple extracts, orange based fruit flavors, berry juices, lemon citrus, and ripened wine grape flavors that combine to bring you a great tasting beverage that resembles the color of red wine. Senorial Sangria bottle is carbonated, so you will get that zing of bubbly bursts and mouth watering tingle that won t leave you thirsty. Senorial Sangria bottle is great for both kids and adults, the taste is sophisticated and it pairs well with any meal idea. Try Senorial Sangria, you won t believe its not Sangria!

Senorial Sangria 16.9 oz

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senorial sangria 16 9 oz



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