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Kentucky Book Collection on CD The Historical Kentucky Book Collection is a collection of 33 volumes relating to the history of Kentucky and its people primarily in the 18th and 19th centuries. Several of the volumes have great period illustrations and portraits of relevant historical figures. All the titles contained on this CD are listed below. Collins historical sketches of Kentucky : history of Kentucky Volume 1 (1874) - Collins, Lewis; Collins, Richard H. - 683 pages Collins historical sketches of Kentucky : history of Kentucky Volume 2 (1874) - Collins, Lewis; Collins, Richard H. - 804 pages History of the First Kentucky brigade (1868) - Thompson, Edwin Porter - 931 pages The history of Methodism in Kentucky Volume 1 (1868) - Redford, A. H. (Albert Henry) - 479 pages The history of Methodism in Kentucky Volume 2 (1868) - Redford, A. H. (Albert Henry) - 512 pages The history of Methodism in Kentucky Volume 3 (1868) - Redford, A. H. (Albert Henry) - 554 pages A history of the commonwealth of Kentucky (1834) - Butler, Mann; Croghan, George - 396 pages A history of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and its surroundings (1921) - Haycraft, Samuel; Woman's club of Elizabethtown, Ky - 187 pages The history of Kentucky : from its earliest settlement to the present time (1854) - Arthur, T. S. (Timothy Shay; Carpenter, W. H. (William Henry) - 316 pages Life and times of Colonel Daniel Boone : comprising history of the early settlement of Kentucky (1859) - Hartley, Cecil B - 351 pages Daniel Boone, the pioneer of Kentucky. A biography (1866) - Hill, George Canning - 262 pages The adventures of Daniel Boone, the Kentucky rifleman (1844) - Hawks, Francis L. (Francis Lister) - 174 pages Daniel Boone and the hunters of Kentucky (1854) - Bogart, W. H. (William Henry) - 464 pages The Boone family; a genealogical history of the descendants of George and Mary Boone who came to America in 1717; containing many unpublished bits of early Kentucky history, also a biographical sketch of Daniel Boone, the pioneer, by one of his descendants (1922) - Spraker, Ella Atterbury; Crump, Jesse Procter - 707 pages A history of Jessamine County, Kentucky, from its earliest settlement to 1898 (1898) - Young, Bennett Henderson - 286 pages Kentucky In American History The Story Of Great Names And Great Deeds In The Annals Of A Commonwealth (1933) - Willard Rouse Jillson - 57 pages Kentucky's famous feuds and tragedies : authemtic history of the world renowned Vendettas of the dark and bloody ground (c1917) - Mutzenberg, Charles Gustavus - 333 pages The statute law of Kentucky : A complete index to the names of persons, places and subjects mentioned in Littel's laws of Kentucky : a genealogical and historical guide (1931) - 213 pages Historical sketches of Kentucky : embracing its history, antiquities, and natural curiosities, geographical, statistical, and geological s; with anecdotes of pioneer life, and more than one hundred biographical sketches of distinguished pioneers, soldiers, statesmen, jurists, lawyers, divines, etc. (1848,c1847) - Collins, Lewis - 560 pages Kentuckians in history and literature (1907) - Townsend, John Wilson - 189 pages History of Lewis County, Kentucky (1912) - Ragan, O. G - 504 pages History of Henderson County, Kentucky (1887) - Starling, Edmund Lyne - 840 pages Shelby County, Kentucky marriages, 1792-1800 - 12 pages Mercer County, Kentucky marriages, 1785 to 1852 - McGhee, Lucy Kate - 172 pages Spencer County, Kentucky marriages, 1824-1851 - McGhee, Lucy Kate - 63 pages Record of marriages in Lewis County, Kentucky for the period of years 1806 to 1851 inclusive - Burns, Annie Walker - 58 pages A genealogy of the Pope family of Kentucky (1879) - Field, Nathaniel - 15 pages Governor Garrard, of Kentucky : his descendants and relatives (1898) - Des Cognets, Anna Russell - 131 pages Jessamine County, Kentucky wills: Book A - 1799 to June 1813; Book B - 1813 to Mar. 1818; Book C - 1813 (June) to Nov. 1826 (1900) - 33 pages A history of the First Presbyterian Church, Frankfort, Kentucky, together with the churches in Franklin County, in connection with the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America (1901) - Averill, William H - 281 pages Historical tribute to St. Thomas' Seminary at Poplar Neck, near Bardstown, Kentucky (1906) - Howlett, W. J. (William J.) - 197 pages Eastern Kentucky papers; the founding of Harman's Station, with an account of the Indian captivity of Mrs. Jennie Wiley and the exploration and settlement of the Big Sandy Valley in the Virginias and Kentucky (1910) - 177 pages Kentucky politicians. Sketches of representative Corncrackers and other miscellany (1886) - McAfee, John J - 259 pages Here are the computer requirements to run and operate this CD. You must have a PC running Windows or a Macintosh running OS X or higher software and a web browser. All the manuals in this disk are in DJVU format. This format allows you to page through the manuals, enlarge pages for better viewing and print the individual pages or entire manual as well as many other things. The viewer is very intuitive to use and has a full help system to answer any questions you may have about its more advanced features. The viewer is included on the CD. Please visit Our About Me Page to Learn More about Us! This product is a CD. 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33 Rare Old KY Kentucky History Pioneers Family Tree Genealogy Books - B287

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33 rare old ky kentucky history pioneers family tree genealogy books b287



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