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Store This is a DIRECT replacement for SPD-GS / GSNI-2300-90 Fully extended ... 20 inches .... Fully retracted ... 12 inches (center to center of the ball socket) Diameter rod = 8mm / tube = 18mm 90 pound force at rest (full extension) You are buying (1) gas spring / shock / strut Manufactured by Columbia Strut (model CS2000-90) this unit is totally self-contained, hermetically-sealed, a hydro pneumatic linear actuator containing pressurized nitrogen gas, which provides the output force. This unit and comes complete with threaded removable 10mm nylon ball sockets both on the rod and tube ends (if you are in need of mounting brackets see our selection listed in the store) Note: for best results replace both struts (when 2 struts are used) ALWAYS install with rod down (your struts will last much longer, here???s the reason all struts contain a bit of oil / that is what causes the damping effect towards the end of the stroke ??? this oil also lubricates the piston, installing the rod down keeps the oil atop the piston!) Weather you are looking for a replacement, upgrade or thinking of adding a gas spring to anything you would like assisted power in opening - closing or to be held open hands this may be for you. Gas springs offer a unique alternative to conventional mechanical, coil spring or counterbalancing devices. The spring rate for a gas cylinder is far less than for any type of mechanical spring. The advantages of these springs involve the combination of a relatively flat force curve, versatility of controlled forces, extension speed, damping at the end of the stroke along with a very compact design. Each gas spring contains a specific amount of oil, which lubricates the seal, piston and piston rod, as well as acting as a damping medium. The oil within the cylinder, when it is compressed or extended, moves from one side of the piston head to the other, providing a damping effect. Replacement TIP: There are many brands of gas springs / shocks / struts manufactured today with just about as many names Nitrogen gas, gas, struts, springs, shocks, dampers etc. , some have a part number that is as equally confusing to understand with out a reference guide! If you are looking to add or replace any gas shocks (they all get weak, worn, bent or broken and need to be replaced at some time) it is easier than you think, here are the basics 1. Just measure the extended length of your shock (from the center of the socket to the center of the socket) that s the length (that was easy!) 2. If you do not know the force pressure, and it is not listed on the shock (most times it is encoded in the part number on the shock) you can always do a simple test, IE camper topper lid ... use a scale to measure the force needed to open the door! That will get you really close 3. Shocks can come in the same length and force pressure but different in physical size (rod diameter / tube diameter- 6x15 / 8x18 / 10x22 / 14x28 MM etc) I think of the physical size in terms of ratings... standard duty (6x15mm) ... heavy duty (8x18) ... extra heavy duty (10x22), and when nothing else will do use the maxi 14x22MM 4. Mounting brackets / studs can be permanent or replaceable the most common are the ball and socket style (10mm or 13MM) then the ring / eye style. Most shocks come with threaded ends to allow for interchangeable configurations. If you have the option I like to use the ball and socket when ever adding a shock as it is much more flexible then the ring / eye style. Removal TIP : it is very easy to replace most gas springs / shocks/ struts, the most common connection used is the nylon "ball joint socket" to remove your old unit simply insert a "flat" blade screwdriver under the spring clip (you do not have to remove the clip) using the slot provided in the back of the socket, push the screwdriver down just a bit this causes the spring clip to open and it will release the ball end. The unit now just "pushes" on and snaps in place, that s it you re done! The shipping, handling and insurance is a set cost of 12.00 (FedEx Lower 48 states USA ONLY) If you do not find the size, length or configuration you are in need of please e-mail us as we have most all the gas struts / springs that are / were used by WRV, Marathon, Beaver, Safari, Keystone, Trail wagons - Chinook and more. And they fit boats, campers, car and truck hood lifts, Rear glass lifts, toppers and more! Thank-you for your interest Watch for MORE items from RV-Trader to come!

RV Marine Boat Truck gas strut shock spring lift REPLACE SPD-GS-2300-90

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rv marine boat truck gas strut shock spring lift replace spd gs 2300 90



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