To STOP the effects of implants

nd directed energy attacks. Specialized wideband frequency over 2 Gigahertz of harmonic interferrence from the jammer distorts implants and directed into harmless frequencies. It is a battery operated safe device which has been proven to scramble ( stop ) implanted microchip frequencies and directed energy . The frequencies created by this device intersect with implants and directed energy outputs through fragmenting their frequencies to a point where they no longer affect the brain in the way they were designed to. For an example of the effects using a laymen s explanation we use the following example: The brain with a normal chemistry level is illustrated as a pail filled with water, the full pail representing a normal level of brain chemistry, when the brain has implants or directed affecting the chemistry it is like having a hole that drips out the water, lowering the level of water and in effect lowering the brains chemistry. This Jammer Kit Physical sends a low voltage specialized frequency into the brain and causes the frequencies of the implant and directed energy to be altered to other frequencies that are not harmful to the brain. The hole ( implants / directed energy ) dripping out essential brain chemistry stops its leaking so the brain chemistry can return to normal. Please read all the information above on this page. Also it is recommended to have two, so that if one breaks or loses power you have a spare, and two may work better, but its not needed. Each unit will create virtual 100% cancellation of the MC frequencies. The MC energy generally is applied slowly over weeks or months without the subject being aware. The time needed to cause recovery of essential brain chemistry using the jammer varies from 1 to 4 or more weeks depending upon the depletion levels, gradual increases of chemistry occurs during the use of the jammer, which needs to be worn 24/7. Do not use in shower or bath or it will cause the unit to fail, but will not person shock however, even if completely immersed in bath with person in it; compeltely safe from shock hazard. Get two in case of loss, theft, failure. Price 64.9usd

RNM Physical Jammer

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rnm physical jammer



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