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Purse Pattern Book Victorian Crochet Beaded Bags 1887
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Antique Book, CD & Single Pattern RepublicationsTM


Thank you for your interest in our Antique RepublicationTM Products!


I love that which is old & related to needlework & arts/crafts. Especially books, as I feel you can learn virtually anything in life providing you have the interest, drive & a GREAT book to study!


Can anyone say bibliomania? lol


My personal philosophy is that books just don't fail you on any level...


Please join us in the adventure that books provide!

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Payment | Shipping | Additional Information Purse Pattern Book Victorian Crochet Beaded Bags 1887


Florence Home Needle-Work

Spiral Bound Book Republication

Originally Published 1887!

16 Beaded Crocheted Purses, Handbags, Chatelaines & Reticules!


40 Knitted Lace Edgings & Insertions Instructions for Clothing, Stockings (Men's, Ladies' & Infant), etc.

6 Ladies' Mitten Patterns

1 Stocking Pattern, 2 Fabric Sachets, various Embroidered Splashers & Linens Patterns


Why Buy Just One

Receive a 50% s/h discount on all items in your order after the first purchase, providing all are paid for in a single payment as invoiced!


Up for bid is another marvelous Dakota Prairie Treasures Spiral Bound Book Republication™ of an original Antique Victorian Crochet, Knitting, Embroidery & Beaded Monograms Manual with NO RESERVE! We scanned and reformatted a scare original and are pleased to offer you this wonderful vintage needlework guide and instructions! What a great item for your recreating pleasure or for gift-giving occasions!

This HISTORIC item includes detailed instructions and needle working techniques to make the lovely fancy work patterns included! Each pattern included crochet or knitting needle sizes to use, plus, type and quantity of silk, beads, trimmings, findings, purse frames and closures, etc.  (Original is NOT for sale)


Our new line of Spiral Bound Book Republications™ oh-so-conveniently lie flat while in use!

This is a unbelievably nice touch if you have every tried to read a pattern's instructions while your hands are full of your in progress project. As an avid needleworker myself my personal experience prompted my choice of spiral binding for it's ease-of-use alone. I bet you'll love it too!


*** Producing the best CD & Spiral Bound Book Republications for you since 1999! ***


This is certainly a fine source of historically valuable techniques and inspiration for the creative fancy work thread artists who desire to study and recreate the Victorian Beaded Purses & Knitted Stockings, Mittens, Clothing & Lace making techniques! This is the perfect opportunity to purchase your own version of another wonderful instructional revealing our heritage from earlier America culture!

Very genteel Victorian aesthetics and ambiance! If you love the Victorian accessories, clothing and soft household furnishing fashions you will love the patterns here!


An Excerpt:

''The fancy patterns described in this work will be found of great value in knitting mittens or stockings. The descriptions are clear, and if strictly followed, there can be no failure to reproduce the de sings, thus adding much beauty to these articles.

One of the latest revivals of an ancient fancy is crocheted bead-work in silk, in the for of purses and bags of various descriptions...While the work described is extremely simple when rightly understood, words would hardly make clear our meaning were it not for the very clever engravings furnished by our artist. When the fundamental principles are acquired, such as the formation of the stitches, the manner of placing the beads, and the shaping of the purses, the cuts will be all the guide needed to produce the variety of designs which are shown here. Of these there are four shapes, made to conform to the styles of metallic trimmings which the mardet now affords...all easy of execution. Probably no class of fancy work which our readers may undertake will prove so satisfactory as the making of these purses...''




Florence Silk Underwear

Price List for Winter Weight

Shirts and Vests


Price for Summer Weight

Shirts and Vests




Hints to Purchasers of Knitting Silk





Special Notice

Techniques for Success



Embroidery &c.

Fancy Patterns


Corticelli Sewing Silk Advertisement


Florence Home Needle-Work

Explanation of Abbreviations and terms used in giving Directions

for Knitting and Crocheting


The Star Brand, Nickle-Plated, Steel  Crochet Needles Advertisement


Crocheted Silk Purses in Bead-Work






Rule A.

General Directions for Crocheting Purses from Corticelli Purse Twist

(Contains advisements on crochet hook sizes to use, etc.)

Round-end Purses

Square-end Purses

Stringing the Beads

Joining the Patterns


Rule 1. Crocheted Silk Purse


Rule 2. Crocheted Silk Purse


Corticelli Purse Twist Advertisement


Rule 3.Crocheted Silk Purse


Set #1 of Bead Initials for Crocheted Silk Purses


Rule 4. Crocheted Silk Purse


Florence Filoselle & Corticelli Embroidery Silk Advertisements


Rule 5. Crocheted Silk Purse


Set #2 Bead Initials for Crocheted Silk Purses


Rule 6. Crocheted Silk Purse


Rule 7. Crocheted Silk Purse


Rule 8. Crocheted Silk Purse


Rule 9. Crocheted Silk Purse (Miser's Bag)


Florence Silk Hosiery for Gentlemen Advertisement


Rule 10. Crocheted Silk Purse (Round Chatelaine)


Rule 11. Crocheted & Knitted Silk Purse


Rule 12. Ladies' Knitted Silk Purse


Rule 13. Ladies' Knitted Silk Purse


Florence Darning Silk Advertisement


Set #2 Bead Initials for Crocheted Silk Purses



Rule B. General Directions for Knitting Mittens from Florence Knitting Silk

The Wrist

Position of Thumb

The Thumb

The Gusset

The Hand

To Finish the Thumb


Children's Silk Mittens


Rule 14. Ladies' Fancy Silk Mittens


Rule D. Directions for Knitting a Hem


Rule 15. Ladies' Fancy Silk Mittens


Corticelli Button Hole Twist Advertisement


Rule 16. Ladies' Fancy Silk Mittens


Corticelli Button Hole Twist Advertisement


Florence Silk Hosiery for Ladies Advertisement

Rule 17. Ladies' Silk Mittens

Rule 18. Ladies' Silk Mittens

Rule 19. Ladies' Silk Mittens



Rule E. General Directions for ascertaining the number of Stitches needed for knitting Stockings from Florence Knitting Silk


Rule F. Gents' Silk Stockings

Rule G. Gents' Silk Stockings

Rule H. Ladies' Silk Stockings

Rule I. Ladies' Silk Stockings


Rule J. Another Rule for knitting the Toe of a Stocking from Florence Knitting Silk


Table showing Number of Stitches required for Stockings of various sizes (Children's, Misses' and Ladies) with No. 19 Needles, and No. 300 Florence Knitting Silk


Table showing Number of Stitches required for Stockings of various sizes (Children's, Misses' and Ladies') with No. 22 Needles, and No 500 Florence Knitting Silk


Rule 20. Baby's Sock, with Imitation Slipper


Corticelli Embroidery Silk Advertisement


Fancy Knitted Patterns

Rule 21. Fancy Pattern

Rule 22. Fancy Pattern

Rule 23. Fancy Pattern

Rule 24. Fancy Pattern

Rule 25. Fancy Pattern

Rule 26. Fancy Pattern

Rule 27. Fancy Pattern

Rule 28. Fancy Pattern

Rule 29. Fancy Pattern

Rule 30. Fancy Pattern

Rule 31. Fancy Pattern

Rule 32. Fancy Pattern

Rule 33. Fancy Pattern

Rule 34. Fancy Pattern

Rule 35. Fancy Pattern

Rule 36. Fancy Pattern

Rule 37. Fancy Pattern

Rule 38. Fancy Pattern

Rule 39. Fancy Pattern

Rule 40. Fancy Pattern


Outline Embroidery and Other Fancy Work

Linen Splasher

Linen Tidy


Set #3 Bead Initials for Crocheted Silk Purses


Linen Tray Cloth

Toilet Set

Linen Splasher

Mourning Handkerchief

Sachet #1

Sachet #2


Rule 49. Lamp Shade


Lace Edgings and Insertions

Rule 50. Lace Edging

Rule 51. Lace Edging

Rule 52. Lace Edging

Rule 53. Lace Edging

Rule 54. Lace Edging

Rule 55. Lace Edging

Rule 56. Lace Edging

Rule 57. Lace Edging

Rule 58. lace Edging

Rule 59. Lace Edging

Rule 60. Lace Edging

Rule 61. Lace Insertion

Rule 62. Lace Edging

Rule 63. Lace Edging

Rule 64. Lace Edging

Rule 65. Lace Edging

Rule 66. Lace Edging

Rule 67. Lace Insertion

Rule 68. Lace Edging

Rule 69. Lace Edging



Florence Knitting Silk

Corticelli Wash Silk

Payson's Indelible Ink

Willmantic Linen Thread


What a historically educational and delightful art instructional piece this is!

The ladies of earlier times put their hands to such marvelous work and now you can too! These are beautiful items and sure to delight you and yours! These instructions are very clear and easy to follow and yet the experience needleworker will be capable of altering as per individual needs and artistic whim.

The antique and vintage yarns, threads, ribbons, hooks, needles, fabric, etc., can be found on Atomic Mall quite readily. You just have to hunt a little bit! :) Or, of course, you can utilize contemporary tools and materials found at a nearby fabric, craft or hobby store.

The Spiral Bound Book Republication™ you will receive is representative of the types of handicraft expertise of earlier genteel and feminine American and European culture! If you're into nostalgia like I am you will have many hours of enjoyment recreating antique needlework items for yourself or others dear to your heart just the way your great-grandmothers did!

You will appreciate the attention taken in providing a TOP QUALITY PRODUCT that you will use for many years to come. This information has been scanned at a high resolution and electronically revamped to provide you with the very best hardcopy reproduction. Unlike other reproduction sellers this is NOT a cheap, grainy photocopy! Our Spiral Bound Republication™ has so many more advantages over the original book.


What are the benefits of our antique book Spiral Bound Book Republications™

* Our products are produced with front and back covers of heavy stock paper.

* Our products are made using the latest LaserJet printing technology meaning the ink will not smear like inferior photocopy or inkjet products do.

* Our spiral binding allows your book to lie flat during use for ease of viewing while working on your needlework projects.

* Our products do not cost a small fortune for you to obtain and enjoy.

* Every image and every page has been scanned to produce crystal clear images and you never have to deal with any crumbling old paper!

* These scans are enlarged to full-page dimensions for ease of viewing!

* You can gift these wonderful Victorian, Edwardian pattern book finds with family and friends!


Curious about the quality of this item Please contact me and I will forward an image for your own personal inspection! You will appreciate the attention we have taken in providing you with a TOP QUALITY PRODUCT that will be use for many years to come...


Check out  Dakota Prairie Treasures' current auctions for many other unique needlework CD & Spiral Bound Book Republications™ for your creative needle working pleasure!


Payment: I prefer Paypal but also accept money orders or personal check.

 Shipping: Within the USA: $4.95 via USPS.  Out-of-country destinations (Canada included): $12.95. International buyers are responsible for their country's custom duties. We do not mark merchandise shipments as ''gift'' on the USPS Customs form. Insurance is optional and runs $1.70 per $50 increments per shipment. Combined shipping is available for all Dakota Prairie Auctions ending within 48 hours. A 50% s/h/p discount will be automatically applied to each item after the first purchase in all combined orders.

Copyright Restrictions: All sources utilized in producing Dakota Prairie Treasures' Copyrighted Republication Products originate from public domain works. However, all text, images and trademarks contained within our Republication Products (and listing descriptions) are our creative property and copyrighted solely to Dakota Prairie Treasures. All Rights Reserved. No resale rights apply. You are permitted to use our product's information for items you make for yourself or for gifts. However, our products text, designs and images remain the exclusive legal property of Dakota Prairie Treasures. Our products contents may not be reproduced, used in class lessons or duplicated in any media or electronic format to be resold or ''shared'' (either individually or as a package or kit) without our prior written consent. Any and all violations will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Returns allowed due to manufacturing defects only.

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Why Buy Just One Receive a 50% s/h discount on all items in your order after the 1st purchase, providing all are paid for in a single payment as invoiced! Payment: US customers: Paypal but we also accept money order or personal check. Out-of-country customers (Canada included): Paypal only. Please visit our other auctions & Atomic Mall store listings for more items of similar interest! By bidding you have accepted all terms & conditions as stated in the listing description. Thank you!

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