Postobon Red Kola in a league

of its own! Postobon Red Kola is uniquely different from other colas. It has a distinct red color and flavor unlike any other. Postobon Red Kola is a type of carbonated soft drink that is made from the taste of real fruit extracts. It also contains the flavor of the unique Kola nut from the Kola Tree in Africa. This star shaped fruit contains seed pods that contain the kola nut and naturally forming caffeine. These nuts also provide this great tasting red kola with its distinct sweet aroma that is almost a warm floral like or candy caramel smell. Postobon Red Kola has a strong fruity base and a much stronger and sharper taste than regular cola products. Postobon Red Kola is made of water, sugar, flavoring, tartaric acid, food coloring, sodium citrate and sodium benzoate as the main ingredients. The kola nut found in Postobon Red Kola has also commonly been used to help treat and prevent asthma and whooping cough. The kola nut also provides a quick blast of mental alertness and energy. Postobon Red Kola comes in a two liter family or party sized bottle, but can be purchased in other sizes as well. Great as an alternative for mixed drinks too! Try it for something different, the taste is something hard to explain and completely unique to its own! Postobon Red Kola is somewhat like the combination of fruit punch and cola champagne, creating a whole world of flavor and taste!

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Postobon Red Kola 2 Lt

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postobon red kola 2 lt



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