Postobon Popular Fruit Flavored Soda is

ike a tropical storm?in your mouth! This red, fruity, and delicious soda bursts with flavors from refreshingly cool watermelon, and hints of lemon lime citrus, to utterly exotic pineapple, and everything in between! Postobon Popular Fruit Flavored Soda comes in a family sized two liter bottle, so that there is enough for everyone to enjoy it! However it can also be purchased in smaller sizes as well. This two liter bottle features an easy to open lid, which can be tightened again to retain the sodas freshness and prevent it from falling flat, it is also plastic, so won t break like glass and is easy to transport around. Postobon Popular Fruit Flavored Soda is something similar to the taste of your favorite fruit punch blend combined with the carbonation and great taste of ginger ale pop. Together, these two flavors team up to bring you an utterly cool, thirst quenching beverage. Postobon Popular Fruit Flavored Soda is both refreshing and different than your average cola or soda, it has its own unique, distinct taste and color. Postobon has quickly become the highest consumed brand name beverage in Colombia and they have been serving and pleasing families for years, let them please yours at your next meal! Postobon Popular Fruit Flavored Soda, a great tasting alternative for a next to nothing cost!

Postobon Popular Fruit Flavored Soda 2 Lt

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postobon popular fruit flavored soda 2 lt



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