The great taste of Postobon Orange

oda, but now in the convenience of a 12 ounce bottle! Personalized size and packed with flavor, ready to go when you are! Postobon Orange Soda bottle is still that same great tasting bubbly orange, carbonated soda beverage, that serves to cool and refresh during those summer months. It is still fruity and full of orange flavor, but now even better for its comes in an individual sized glass bottle! By being packaged in glass, Postobon Orange Soda, or naranja, ensures you the best tasting orange soda with no tinny taste that cans can sometimes imply. The orange essence is captured and remains true to its taste by being preserved in the glass bottle. Postobon Orange Soda in a bottle is made from carbonated water (good for hydration), fructose (good for instant energy), citric acid, sodium benzoate, modified starch, natural orange flavors, ascorbic acid, and food coloring. It is low in calories and is great for washing down dry foods that make you thirsty. Postobon Orange Soda bottle is manufactured by Postoban in Colombia and has quickly become a house hold staple beverage. Families love the orange taste and the low cost compared to other brands. Postobon Orange Soda bottle, order yours today, and change the tune at your meal times. The orange fruit flavor combines well with the flavors of most other foods and can be incorporated into recipes and marinates as well. This fruity orange flavor is one of a kind!

Postobon Orange Soda Bottle 12 oz

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postobon orange soda bottle 12 oz



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